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Is your field sales team still losing deals due to lack of internet? Discover NTT DATA's sales force automation solution!

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Whats is Offline Sales?

Whats is Offline Sales?

NTT DATA’s Sales Force Automation solution was developed on top of SAP Sales Cloud to allow sales forces working in the field to carry out their operations even without an internet connection, the tool records all actions performed and automatically and intelligently transfers the data to the ERP, starting the sales process flow.

The tool allows for offering everything the seller needs to work offline or with a data connection:

  • Routing of visits
  • Check-in
  • Registration of tasks
  • Access to the entire product catalog
  • Stock
  • Commercial rules for each customer
  • Such as discounts
  • Payment methods
  • Credit analysis
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Who is Offline Sales for?

Sales Force Automation is the ideal solution for companies and sales managers who have a sales force working in the field and know that even with the evolution of internet coverage in most countries, it doesn’t always have the necessary quality to transfer data, so they don’t want to lose deals due to a lack of connection.

The solution is also for:

  • Managers that want to monitor the sales team daily
  • Fulfillment of routes,
  • Making visits,
  • Purchase and sales transactions
  • Orders made

Sales Force Automation is for those who want to have a complete tool that has all the resources for its sellers to act even without internet.

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Your sales team needs to be offline!

Your sales team needs to be offline!

The biggest nightmare for a sales manager who has team in the field is that his sales force only works online, with internet. Yes, the Internet is a reality, but we know how the Brazilian mobile telephony infrastructure works: it is not always possible to have access, much less access with the quality necessary to perform tasks such as sending orders connected directly to the ERP.

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Sales Force Automation - Vendas Offline
Watch on Sales Force Automation - Vendas Offline

Get to know NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Sales Force Automation

Revolutionize your sales in the field by giving your sales team more customer autonomy, integration and 360° vision – and all that offline!

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Challenges of the sales team in the field

    How to follow up the sales team on a daily basis?
    How to offer a package of benefits appropriate to the customer’s profile (discounts, form of payment, credit analysis, etc.)?
    How to have a 360 view of the customer and offer a product mix suitable for the need?
    How to have sales reports and visits updated and online?
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Vendas Offline - SFA FH | Venda em qualquer lugar!
Watch on Vendas Offline - SFA FH | Venda em qualquer lugar!

Advantages of NTT DATA’s Sales Force Automation!

Sales Force Automation, developed on the SAP Sales Cloud, is the ideal system for sales force and can be used offline. The application opens, records your moves within it, and intelligently makes the transfer the next time a web connection is identified.

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How does it work?

Offline module

The salesperson/representative accesses the SAP Sales Cloud screens, going through the routing/visits process steps and generating the order in the offline module.

Automation between ERPs

Sales orders made in the offline module can be sent to the ERP or SAP Commerce Cloud, and from there, to the SAP Sales Cloud, for later analysis.

Custom Product Suggestions

Access: visit itinerary, create orders and add / remove products according to the list of available products and have product mix suggestions according to the customer’s profile.

Vendas Online | Sales Force Automation FH
Watch on Vendas Online | Sales Force Automation FH

Discover the Sales Force Automation NTT DATA Mode!

The tool can also be used in its online mode, in which transactions and communications with the ERP happen instantly, providing fast and dynamic access to the information that your salesperson needs!

Sell anywhere, anytime! Your sales force informed even without internet!

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Sell anywhere, anytime! Your sales force working even without internet!

Count on NTT DATA’s Sales Force Automation and offer your salespeople everything they need to achieve the best results and offer the best shopping experience to customers, even in places without an internet connection.

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