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Fast Shopping transforms your Shopping Center into a marketplace, uniting your customers' physical and digital shopping journey! Your mall and stores open 24×7, every day of the year!

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What is Fast Shopping?

What is Fast Shopping?

Fast Shopping is based on SAP solutions that transform shopping centers into a marketplace, in which all retailers can offer their products and services like in a virtual mall. Through this system, it is possible to centralize customer data to have a 360° view, integrate physical and digital experiences, make personalized product recommendations, in addition to the possibility of cross and up sell and to keeping the mall and stores running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of whether the mall is open!

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Who is Fast Shopping for?

It’s for shopping malls that know that relying only on the physical world is not very strategic, and that customers are always online, so their favorite mall must be there too!

Fast Shopping can be a fundamental tool in the digital strategy of any shopping center as it is a platform that brings together all the stores in the mall in a marketplace, while centralizing customer data, recommending products, enabling personalized and integrated promotions between stores, being able to support loyalty programs, in addition to integrating physical and digital experiences, offering customers the convenience of shopping at home and picking up at the store.

Fast Shopping substantially expands the range of services that shopping centers can offer their tenants, such as Market Intelligence, Online Sales and Personalized Campaigns, among others!

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Fast Shopping - Inovação digital para Shopping Centers
Watch on Fast Shopping - Inovação digital para Shopping Centers

Innovate in your customers’ experience!

By enabling shopping via the mall’s marketplace with Fast Shopping, shopkeepers will be able to rely on a reliable source of information, consents and a 360 ° view of customers, thus being able to integrate digital and physical experiences, carry out personalized campaigns and have yet another channel of sales and relationship that works 24 × 7!

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Advantages for Shopping Mall Managers:


Single platform

Centralizing all registration data, records and customer relationship history.


Understand customer interest

Profile and habits and create personalized content and promotions based on analytical data.



Offer storekeepers the service of Market Intelligence, Online Sales and Personalized Campaigns at low cost in digital media.

Advantages for Retailers:


The centralization of data

The centralization of data allows a unique and rich source for customer information such as preferences and consumption habits


Online sales

Online sales allows stores to sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year!


Product suggestion

Smart platform recommendation helps salespeople suggest products in store pickups or eventual product returnings

Advantages for Customers:


Personalized content

Ease in managing your data and consents and improving the quality of promotions and personalized content received



Participate in bonus programs, scoring, games and exclusive physical and digital events


New modalities

Count on new delivery and pickup modalities, personalized service and integrated promotions between the stores of the mall

The innovation platform your shopping mall needs:

The innovation platform your shopping mall needs:

The Fast Shopping platform is based on the SAP Customer Experience, a complete suite that brings together the most powerful and versatile sales and relationship tools. It has the modules Commerce, Sales, Service, Marketing and Customer Data so that your shopping center has the necessary tools to provide the best experience to customers, combining physical with digital and enjoying the best of both worlds!

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Transform your Shopping Center into a marketplace! Your mall and stores open 24×7, every day of the year!

Count on technology to leverage the results of your shopping center and your tenants while innovating by integrating physical and digital experiences and increasing your customer satisfaction!

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