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What is EFD - Reinf?

EFD -Reinf is Sped’s declaration that aims to inform the taxpayer’s withholding tax, and currently, more specifically, the Social Security Contribution. Reinf’s expectation is to reduce the number of ancillary tax obligations, such as DIRF.

The data sent in this declaration will have active supervision with the other obligations, so it is essential that the communication between the sectors linked to the contracting of outsourced services is well aligned, avoiding misleading information between the contractor and the service provider.

Unlike other accessory obligations that are fulfilled and submitted to the Validator and Subscriber Program (PVA), EFD – Reinf depends on a messaging service to send information to the tax authorities.

As it is sent monthly and has a very large volume of data, compared to other obligations, the possibility of filling events with wrong or inaccurate information is great, so be very careful.

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EFD - Reinf + GUEPARDO Tax Software

Along with the fastest growing Tax Software in the market, get ready to deliver this new SPED module and be surprised with all the benefits that Tax Accounting Compliance can provide your company!

The GUEPARDO Tax Software has expertise to fill in all EFD – Reinf records, and working together with ECG, NTT DATA’s cloud messaging, you transmit events to the tax authorities in a safe and fast way!

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  • Integrated module
    Integration of registration of legal proceedings
  • Full delivery
    All information required by the obligation
  • Calculations
    All calculations
  • Taxes
    Real-time tax calculations and reconciliation
  • Messaging
    Messaging system
  • Compliance
    With tax and accounting information registered in the ERP.
  • Rectification
    Rectification control

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