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NTT DATA Business Solutions | November 11, 2022

NTT DATA wins 2nd place at ASUG Impact Awards 2022!

NTT DATA wins 2nd place at ASUG Impact Awards 2022!

NTT DATA Business Solutions won 2nd place in the ASUG Impact Awards 2022, with the project executed in SLC Agrícola, named “More Agro”.

The Awarded Case

SLC Agrícola, founded in 1977 by the SLC Group, is a producer of soybeans, cotton and corn, and also works with cattle raising, doing crop-livestock integration. Currently it employs around 4 thousand employees and its annual turnover is over R$ 7 billion.

When in 2019, during discussions for its Strategic Planning, SLC was faced with the question of how to have a strong company in the present and in constant preparation for the future. It came to the conclusion that it would be necessary for SLC Agrícola to seek to become more agile, scalable, secure, integrated, innovative, aligned with the business, collaborative, protagonist, with a competitive differential, and adaptable to change.

In this context, one of the actions to be taken was to raise the company’s technological structure to a level that would make it capable of meeting the demands of Digital Agriculture and Sustainability, and so the “More Agro” Project was created.

In addition, SLC Agrícola had as project objectives to ensure the exponential growth of the company, that it would be the basis for the digital SLC Agrícola, promote the implementation of best process practices, enable better control of financial, accounting, and tax management, in addition to enabling productivity increase.

With this in mind and after extensive market research, the company chose NTT DATA Business Solutions to carry out the implementation of SAP S/4HANA and GUEPARDO for SAP TDF, as well as the integration of other non-SAP products specialized in the agricultural sector.

The project was almost 100% executed during the pandemic, with remote work and a big challenge to readjust the teams and tools to be used, but it was successfully delivered.


To ensure the success of this project, SLC Agrícola counted on more than:

  • More than 180 people directly involved.
  • 10 systems involved with more than 140 integrations
  • More than 3,500 thousand activities tested in 80 test scenarios
  • The Training and Capacity Building Program MAIS AGRO involved more than 17 farms and all the Backoffice areas of SLC Agricola, investing more than 360 hours of training
  • Regarding learning, 200 professionals were trained through 22 courses in 90 classes (online and in-person), totaling an average of 40 hours per trained professional.
  • Its main particularity were the adaptations in response to the Pandemic COVID-19, which directed the organization’s direct involvement in the program’s redirection.
  • 26 months of hard work and dedication, in addition to the time dedicated to preparation and stabilization.

Main benefits obtained

  • Smart decisions based on accurate, real-time information.
  • Gains in efficiency, performance, and productivity.
  • Improvements in internal processes and data governance.
  • Security and reliability of information.
  • Integration with other global platforms.
  • Total control of the business.
  • Quantitative analysis of forecasts.
  • Increased competitiveness.

About ASUG Impact Awards

The ASUG Impact Awards is the main awarding event of the SAP community in Brazil, in which are evaluated the projects developed by technology companies that have originality, best practices, innovation and that bring improvements in the service level of corporations.

This is the 10th ASUG Impact Awards trophy achieved by NTT DATA Business Solutions, check all the awards:

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  • 2017 – 1st Place – Braskem Case – Electronic BM – Electronic Measurement Bulletin
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  • 2016 – 3rd Place – Case Aché – Aché Runs’s SAP HANA – The path to digital transformation
  • 2015 – 3rd Place – Arezzo Case – Supply chain management in the fashion sector with AFS and EWM for Fashion
  • 2014 – 1st Place – Ourofino Agronegócio Case – “Projeto Avance – A new technological level for Ourofino
  • 2011 – 1st Place – Grupo Boticário Case – “Category and assortment management in a retail platform”