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Dieter Schoon | August 15, 2019 | 6 min.

30 Years of NTT DATA Business Solutions | Creating a Corporate Culture of Innovation

This blog post draws from within the heart of our company and delivers insights into how NTT DATA Business Solutions is creating and maintaining a corporate culture of innovation.


How does innovation continue to prevail as our primary corporate objective? Here at NTT DATA Business Solutions we embrace change, constantly challenge the status quo, and continually develop new and improved solutions for our clients. This blog post draws from within the heart of our company and delivers insights into how NTT DATA Business Solutions is creating and maintaining a corporate culture of innovation.

According to a recent survey, German companies, on average, survive between eight and ten years. What’s more, further analysis shows that only one in seven companies will reach a 30-year anniversary. And, we’re proud to reach that exact feat in 2019! The following four tips can give you an insight into how NTT DATA Business Solutions forged a corporate culture of innovation:

#1. Develop a Design for Success
The development of our company is made possible by our continued partnership with SAP. Although, of greater importance is the multi-faceted principles that define us and run throughout our worldwide operation. I shall explain…

In recent years, we have been able to extend more and more responsibility to our workforce, especially when working on innovative projects. NTT DATA Business Solutions employees now act as entrepreneurs – that take ownership and act for the benefit of our reputation. Despite possessing a special culture of its own, our Japanese parent company, NTT DATA, allows us to work independently and in the way, we know how.

Our new global mission statement, ‘We Transform. Trust into Value’ underlines our dedication to a corporate culture of innovation. But, we will talk more about that in the next blog post of this series.

#2. Stay Glocal and Remain Diverse
Diversity also fosters innovation. In the interconnected world that we live in today, globalization and technology form the fabric of society. We have discovered that by supporting a diverse working environment, we can formulate creative and agile teams. Take NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic; you may even find robots rolling around the office! That’s diversity!

#3. Celebrate Your Successes
In keeping with the party atmosphere that surrounds our 30th anniversary, we invited 3,000 colleagues and partners from all around the world to our annual ‘Employee Day’ event. Dusseldorf’s Mitsubishi Electric HALLE provided the setting back in April. We provided our guests with lots of information about our company’s history, shared some insights into global innovation, and revealed what we can all expect from the future.

How NTT DATA Business Solutions’ employees celebrate the 30th anniversary and the corporate culture of innovation.With special guests from NTT DATA and SAP in tow, we all enjoyed a late-night show, which turned the traditional lecture format on its head.

Our global workforce was able to indulge in culinary and musical delights from their different countries. Our Swiss team brought an alphorn with them to share some local flavor and others, including our Spanish, Hungarian, and French colleagues, offered some traditional specialties in the form of delicious canapés.

After a successful day, we headed to the Rheinterrasse Düsseldorf – where live music, performance art, and DJs provided an excellent atmosphere within the unique location’s different areas.

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ great evening event providing lots of highlights for its more than 3,000 guests.

The aim was to foster our community and create the unique spirit of a very liberal, intellectual and emotional companionship. There was something to satisfy everybody’s unique tastes. Our 30-year anniversary was celebrated in style – and the last guests did not leave the dancefloor until dawn! The video below will give you a flavor. If you were there – see if you can spot yourself!

4#. Collaborate to Innovate
As mentioned earlier, our continued partnership with SAP has helped us to grow throughout the decades. This year, NTT DATA Business Solutions collected yet another SAP Pinnacle Award, this time as ‘Platinum Reseller of the Year’. We were also nominated in four other categories: General Business Cloud Partner of the Year, SAP SuccessFactors Partner of the Year (small and midsize companies), SAP S/4HANA Movement Partner of the Year, and also in the Industry Innovation Award category. What’s more, itelligence Turkey is a recent recipient of four awards, all collected at the SAP Partners Day.


In a recent project, NTT DATA Business Solutions Nordic partnered with drone operators and local biologists to aid environmental protection in Denmark. For our endeavors, we received the coveted SAP Innovation Award in the Process Innovator category. SAP honors companies that use their technologies to innovate successfully in the digital economy. In addition to drones: artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data technologies were used in this project.

It did take several years for cloud technologies to gain momentum and increase customers’ confidence in the security and stability of these platforms. In addition to our own ultra-modern global data centers, like those in Poland, Denmark, Malaysia, and the US, we also rely on hyperscalers to implement solutions more flexibly for customers at low costs. In addition to well-documented partnerships with the NTT DATA Group and SAP, NTT DATA Business Solutions benefits from collaborative efforts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. This helps us to control and maintain hybrid landscapes and our Managed Services from a single source.

30 Years Young and Fit for the Future
Ultimately, we live the digital revolution with trusted employees who think entrepreneurially and disruptively – and have the courage to break new ground. In close cooperation with our customers, we are turning more ideas into digital realities every day and creating a corporate culture of innovation.

In the third and final part of our blog series, we look forward to the future of NTT DATA Business Solutions, detailing what’s to come. Discover our new mission statement and celebrate 30 years of innovation!

Don’t miss our video “30 Years in 300 Seconds”.

Stay tuned!


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