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The “New Normal” and Its Impact on Business Traveling

During the first quarter of 2020, entire workforces were sent to work from home in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. But now, it seems as though a global green light on business travel could be just around the corner. That, however, is unlikely to mean that demand for travel will instantly revert back to pre-COVID levels. Sustainable and mindful travel is fast becoming a trend, too. All of this could mean that employers need to rethink travel and expense strategies for the “New Normal”.

Despite that, it has been predicted that the outlook for global business travel spending is expected to reach USD 1.7 trillion by 20221. Meals, flights, accommodation, car rental, and telephone expenses are just a few things that stakeholders need to supply and eventually account for. Nowadays, there is also the need to provide anti-contagion materials, such as hygiene masks, gloves – even health examinations. Given that around 1.3 million business trips are made every day, there are a lot of details to comb through to ensure a successful trip.

1 Source: Trodent – Business Travel by the Numbers (2020)

Gain Control and Visibility with SAP Concur

Improving business agility and transparency through intuitive digital solutions for travel management could be the key for success – now and in the future.

SAP Concur is a solution which can simplify all tasks related to travel management: ranging from initial planning, to approval, to settlement and reimbursement. You keep on top of your travel expenses and employees spend less time on travel-related administrative tasks. Best of all, however, is that you dramatically reduce human error in bookings and settlements, calculate tax and discounts automatically, and slash costs.

First, there’s the taxi to the airport, then a croissant at the station, followed by dinner with customers in the evening. Don’t forget the adapter for your laptop charger! My expense receipts were mounting up until we embraced SAP Concur. Now I can process everything on the fly. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Pim Lucas Braun, Consultant, NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux

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Are You Facing These Current Challenges?

  • Manual processes are time-consuming and cumbersome
  • Relevant documentation is missing, incomplete, or unavailable
  • Lack of oversight over spending and emerging spending behaviors
  • Approval and reimbursement take far too long
  • Drawing up of expense reports is tedious
  • Your role, as travel manager, has changed due to the greater duty of care to provide safe and sustainable trips
  • All in all – you might lose money on corporate travel

If these issues sound familiar, you should have a closer look at SAP Concur and our services. We help you to digitize your travel and expense management processes end-to-end.

SAP Concur Benefits at a Glance

  • Lower corporate travel and entertainment costs
  • Shorter reimbursement and vendor payment cycles
  • Increased centralized control of corporate spending, insight and analysis
  • Enhanced visibility and actionable data that helps enforce policies and buying behavior
  • Improved compliance with corporate policy and external regulations
  • Time savings and increased overall productivity

More on SAP Concur – Main Features

Travel Planning and Booking

You and your employees can apply, plan, and book the trip in one application. SAP Concur ensures compliance with all relevant travel policies and you automatically benefit from stored bonus programs and master agreements.

Travel Accounting

Book trains, flights, and hotels directly through SAP Concur. When processing a booking, employees can send a screenshot of expense reports and upload them seamlessly into the app. The system will take care of everything else – meaning your employees gain valuable time to focus on more important tasks.

Travel Expense Management

Automating and harmonizing expense management enables spend capture across multiple sources. You can also analyze and claim expenses on the go, shortening the process for the user and the company. With the expense module, it is possible to negotiate discounts and plan budgets with confidence.

more efficient expense reporting handling

more efficient invoicing staff

more employees follow T&E (travel and expense) policies

Watch the Video for a Demo on SAP Concur Expense

Business Travel Can Be This Easy with SAP Concur

Why Choose Us as Your SAP Concur Partner?

We are an NTT DATA company with a strong focus on delivering SAP solutions to create value for our clients all over the world.

As one of the largest SAP Concur Partners, we have experience implementing SAP Concur across the UK, Europe, and Asia. Delivering such travel and expense management improvements requires specialist knowledge, which we provide to customers globally and with consistent quality through our corporate network. Our Global SAP Partnership brings unique benefits to boost your company’s organizational and operational prowess.

Logo SAP Concur Partner Professional Implementation

With just a few clicks, a manager can now approve consultants’ expense claims anytime, anywhere. That saves a huge amount of time.

Jos Kosters, financial controller, NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux

How Our Customers Benefit

SAP Concur at NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux

We simplified our expense management processes with our in-house implementation of SAP Concur. The outcome? Our consultants and our Finance department are over the moon and save precious time.

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