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The Cloud Platform for Pharmaceuticals

IC Hub - a safe and trusted network

Serialization is not only about printing serial numbers on packed products. Many companies in the pharmaceutical supply chain are connected and there is a need to exchange serialization data.

The information collaboration HUB (IC Hub) for life sciences is a cloud platform, developed to enable secure information exchange between business partners.

The IC Hub is owned and managed by SAP, which is also responsible for on-boarding partners. The on-boarding is a technical project, it’s all about managing the data exchange, business partners and time-lines which can be quite challenging.

At NTT DATA Business Solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to support companies with every step of the process.

Governmental Reporting

The IC Hub can also be used for reporting to governmental or institutional databases. Setting up technical connections to these institutions can become complex. Once on-boarded to the IC Hub, connections to institutional databases are at your disposal.

Managing your business partners

After signing up on the IC Hub it takes more than only establishing a technical connection. It’s very important to have alignment with your business partners about:

  • messages types;
  • type of communication;
  • timing of sending messages;
  • message content.

This requires technical and functional know-how and experienced (project) management skills to get the process up and running.


Testing serialization interfaces is often underestimated, it’s a time consuming task and requires expert knowledge of messages, business processes and systems.

IC Hub: how can we help you?

NTT DATA Business Solutions can support organizations such as marketing authorization holders, contract manufacturing organizations and logistic service providers with all subjects mentioned above.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is the one-stop shop for serialization questions and on-boarding your partners to the IC Hub.

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