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education online

The new digital standard for secondary vocational education

education online brings students and teachers together

Secondary vocational education digitizes at an unprecedented pace. This calls for a modern solution that brings together students and teachers, and facilitates education as much as possible.

education online combines three modules: core registration (KRD), a student tracking system (SVS), and an virtual learning environment (VLE). It therefore offers all the essentials for a modern secondary vocational education environment in an integrated, secure, and modular system. This prevents a tangle of solutions, multiple contact points, and tricky links. Very reassuring for students, teachers, and educational support staff.

education online: out-of-the-box fully equipped

education online is based on stable, highly developed technology. The solution consists of three modules: KRD (core registration), SVS (student progress tracking system), and VLE (virtual learning environment). These all work straight out-of-the-box. The solution offers powerful and unique functionality. KRD, for example, features a real-time link with the ministry of education DUO for the exchange of student data.

The modules at a glance:

  • KRD: registration and administration system. Includes registrations, billing, real-time link with the ministry of education DUO, and reports;
  • SVS: online environment for monitoring study progress. Includes student records, attendance and absence registration, and internship management;
  • VLE: A modern and fully responsive portal for information exchange between students and teachers.

Rijn IJssel

Education online makes the education more enjoyable and easier for our students, bringing individual education closer and enabling location- and time-independent learning. Teachers can also easily work with it, as can supervisors from learning companies.

Paul Tjallinks, Staff Manager, Rijn IJssel

Are you facing one or more of these questions?

  • How do I provide in a central system for the storage and distribution of learning and teaching materials?
  • How do I ensure that students and teachers work together more effectively, and exchange information?
  • How do I simplify the management of my student information system?
  • How do I ensure a better integration between the different solutions?
  • How do I create an online student environment that gives everyone access to the right information and facilities, regardless of location, time, and device?

education online provides answers

Place-, time-, and device-independent

education online offers a user-oriented interface. The self-service modules aimed at students are usable on both laptop and PC, as well as smartphone and tablet. The presentation of information is always optimal.

Optimal integration

education online relieves you of the unnecessary management burden of a fragmented system landscape. You no longer have to deal with multiple vendors and complicated links.

Modular design

education online is designed completely modular. You decide which components you want to use or not.

Easy and effective administration

Student data need to be recorded only once. This reduces the administrative burden and increases data quality. The administration process is automated where possible.

Secure SaaS environment

education online runs in a secure SaaS environment. This reduces the administrative burden and the risk of incidents.

Education online key features

  • Real-time link with ministry of education DUO
  • Evolved modules can be deployed immediately
  • Includes integrated electronic learning*
  • Participation in the development of the solution
  • Easy reporting of issues by teachers, mentors, coaches and/or supervisors, directly from within the application.

A unique combination of a modern and robust core registration (KRD) and an innovative and ‘mobile first’ learning environment

education online offers a combination that is unique in the Dutch market. The two suppliers behind this integrated SaaS solution have joined forces and continue to develop this solution.

Mark Arts, Director of Education at NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux

How can we help?

NTT DATA Business Solutions is the right partner for your educational environment. We have many years of experience in the education sector and are closely involved in all national (re)developments, laws, and regulations. We also have our own training facilities. With education online, you are ready for the digitization of education.

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The New Digital Standard with education online (Dutch)
Solution Brief
The New Digital Standard with education online (Dutch)

Personalized learning and close contact between teaching staff and students. For that you will need a reliable and modern digital solution. education online is a powerful tool that records information in an instant, accounts for it, tracks students and offers a personalized learning experience.

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