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How student information systems and data analytics help you exceed the expectations of empowered students.


Boost Student Satisfaction with Solutions for Education

Education institutions are under increasing pressure to transform. Students have come to expect better value for money, intuitive student apps, and full support throughout their journey. But at the same time, study habits are changing and the student population is becoming more diverse. And with increased competition due to globalization and alternative learning models, universities need to look at new ways of increasing student engagement and improving student retention. We offer specific solutions for both higher education & universities and secondary Vocational Education and Training.

SAP solutions for Education

education online

education online satisfies all the requirements for a modern secondary vocational education environment in an integrated, secure, and modular system.


it.education helps universities to better understand the needs of students. This enables them to improve performance, satisfaction, and retention.

White Paper
How you master the 5 biggest challenges in Education

Higher education institutions need to future-proof themselves in the digital age. Read our white paper to find out the top trends and challenges in education and how to become a smarter university by digitizing your organization.

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Saxion University

We provide our students with an improved digital environment as attractive and intuitive as an online store. In doing this, Saxion became one of the very first universities to implement webshop functionality. This has significantly accelerated and simplified the student enrolment process.

Cora Woltring, Project Manager, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

E-commerce in Education

Education is becoming more flexible. The trend of "lifelong learning" is impossible to imagine not being in the plans of educational institutions. Being online, smart positioning of the offers and a webshop are logical steps for an institution. Modular learning makes education institutions competitive with the commercial market. Saxion University College uses the NTT DATA Business Solutions e-commerce platform.

Student Analytics

Data-driven universities will gain an edge on the competition. Students and administration demand easy access to real-time information, while analytics enable universities to predict outcomes, personalize learning programs, and provide proactive support.

97 of the 100 top universities in the world run SAP solutions.

Turn the Key to Effective Student Lifecycle Management

Flexible student information systems (SIS) are the key to effective student lifecycle management (SLcM) – from recruitment and admissions to student administration and support, and continuing beyond graduation. We can draw upon our experience and expertise in education to develop tailored solutions to meet your needs – so you can focus on offering innovative services and improve student experiences and results.

We offer specific solutions for both VET (secondary Vocational Education and Training) and higher education & universities.

Key Business Processes in Higher Education

Student Administration

The key to becoming a smart university is to integrate and manage the entire student lifecycle – from prospect to alumnus. By communicating, collaborating, and supporting students throughout their journey, you can improve student satisfaction and strengthen student success.

Student Analytics

Data-driven universities will gain an edge on the competition. Students and administration demand easy access to real-time information, while analytics enable universities to predict outcomes, personalize learning programs, and provide proactive support.

Sales and Marketing

Effective higher education marketing strategies should treat each and every student, both current and prospective, as an individual. This means segmenting students and analyzing their past, present, and future actions to make personalized recommendations and offers in real time.

Student Commerce

With a single platform for commerce, educational institutions can reach students on all channels and promote their offerings. Online shops enable students and prospects to browse products and services on any device, so they can enroll in online courses or purchase branded merchandise or course materials, for example.

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Workforce Management

As more and more millennials enter the workforce, staff and university faculties are becoming more demanding. To increase internal efficiency, universities need to provide all employees, from academic staff to administration, with access to advanced technology and mobile self-service tools.


Automating and transforming financial business processes will drive greater operational efficiency and improve sustainability. With a full view of your institution’s finances, you can make better decisions.

The Future of Education Is Digital

As students become increasingly empowered and demanding, universities have to get smarter and digitize. To help them through this transformation, we support leading higher education institutions with strategic consulting, customized software, and our own dedicated Education Competence Center.

Mark Arts, Director Education & Research, NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux

Stay One Step Ahead with Our Education Competence Center

Having supported over 30 major learning institutions across the globe, NTT DATA Business Solutions has a deep understanding of the industry’s current trends and challenges. Within the Competence Center we maintain our 2 products (it.education and education.online) with care. Thanks to our Education Competence Center, we can draw on a specialist team of experts, dedicated to supporting digital transformation in higher education. They help you leverage SAP solutions and find the best solutions for your needs – so you can deliver exceptional student experiences.

Improve your skills with the NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy

Implementing new software always involves getting used to new software and processes and knowledgeable in a new way of executing your daily business. Based on our experience you will be trained in a way that besides knowing how, you will also know why, enabling you to make the right choices and feel confident in handling your daily business. Our Academy trains all kinds of participants (key-users, end-users, support, technical, project managers, consultants and more) in both standard or on-demand trainings.

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How Our Customers Benefit from Us

Newcastle University

Future Proofing the University for the Digital Age with SAP S/4HANA

Newcastle University

Public research university with 24 academic schools offering around 175 fulltime undergraduate degree programmes

City, University of London

City, University of London is a leading global university committed to academic excellence, focused on business and the professions and located in the heart of London.

The University of Greenwich

We now have far better performance from our BI platform with enhanced dashboard reporting and we have scaled up to more than 3,000 users.

University of Cincinnati

SuccessFactors met UC's business requirements, especially given the University’s need to integrate the new recruiting solution with their existing SAP HCM on-premise system.

Fenerbahçe Sports Club

With SAP ERP und Business Analytics, Fenerbahçe Sports Club has instant access to all the information it needs to make sound business decisions and ensure its professional players keep bringing home those trophies.

More Useful Insights into Education

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How to Transform into a Customer-Focused Digitized University

Boost your marketing to face new challenges in higher education – provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

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Insights Anytime, Anywhere with it.education: from Student to Tutor
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Insights Anytime, Anywhere with it.education: from Student to Tutor

it.education supports the full Student Life Cycle. Read more about it in this solution brief.

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