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Jan Ammann | August 23, 2020

Your New Uncomplicated Travel Management with SAP Concur

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How quickly do travel planning and accounting go from hand in your company? Do you have a complete overview of your employees’ travel expenses?

SAP Concur simplifies your business travel management by supporting all processes from travel planning and approval to settlement and reimbursement. Travel expenses are always in view, and your employees spend less time on travel administration – leaving more time for the important tasks. In addition, you reduce the error rate in bookings and settlements, automatically take tax benefits and bonus systems into account and thus reduce costs.


Screenshot of SAP Concur solution, giving an overview and showing user interface.
Get an overview of SAP’s travel management solution Concur.


The bi-directional data exchange enables you to import all required master data from SAP ERP into the SAP Concur solution, transfer travel expense reports to the ERP, and enable correct data transfer. The results? Precise booking transactions and rapid payment processing.


How SAP Concur Can Benefit Your Travel Management Organization – the Main Three Areas

  • Planning and booking: You and your employees request, plan and book the trip in one application. You comply with all business travel policies and automatically benefit from stored bonus programs or master agreements. In the future, your employees can book train, flight or hotel reservations simply via SAP Concur, and travel expense reports can be photographed and uploaded via the app.
  • Accounting: You and your employees can easily create your travel accounting using the app. Travel flat rates are considered and calculated automatically. That way you and your colleagues have more time for more important tasks.
  • Cost management: You analyze exactly where your travel budget is going. You can use these results to negotiate discounts, save taxes and plan your budget with confidence.

In addition to these operational improvements, there is also a strategic view on business travel management: Uncomplicated, error-resistant and efficient processes for your employees are an important component for the experience of your employees.


SAP Concur for expense, travel, and invoice challenges displayed on a desktop, laptop and pad.
Learn more about how you can manage your top expense, travel, and invoice challenges with SAP Concur.


For example, fast accounting and payment can contribute to greater employee satisfaction and thus also strengthen your employee commitment. SAP Concur makes this positive effect part of your Human Experience Management (HXM), as this approach aims to improve the needs and experiences of employees at work. HXM focuses on what employees need to be successful – for example, by automating repetitive, non-value-added tasks. In addition, feedback continuously improves your HR department, because employee satisfaction can be efficiently queried and evaluated.


As a result, many small and large positive employee experiences strengthen the satisfaction of colleagues and ensure less fluctuation. And at the end of the day, these human experiences also add up to better business results. So, it’s clear that the appreciation for your employees is also evident in apparent HXM side issues such as travel management.


NTT DATA Business Solutions Is SAP Concur Partner

Logo SAP Concur Partner Professional Implementation

We are currently implementing SAP Concur solutions in Europe and Asia and, as one of SAP Concur’s largest partners, offer consistently high service quality. To date, our partnership covered the European region. Since January 2020, the partnership has also covered large parts of Asia – including India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Users worldwide therefore benefit from a seamless transfer of travel expense data into the SAP system. Native integration includes SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors, Employee Central and SAP Business One. Design your travel management completely digitally. Reduce accounting errors and the associated delays in travel expense reimbursements – we will be happy to advise you on how to proceed.


Read About How SAP Concur Convinced Our Customer World Rugby

Title page of the Success Story about SAP Concur travel management at our customer Rugby World.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Decide for SAP Concur

  1. You get a fully automated business travel management.
  2. You have all travel expenses always in view.
  3. You reduce costs due to less errors in bookings and settlements.
  4. You comply with all business travel policies and automatically benefit from stored bonus programs or master agreements.


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