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Marc van den Berk | April 1, 2015

Variant Configuration in SAP hybris

Increase your revenue, decrease sales costs and optimize margin


I was preparing an internal “know-how web session” on Variant Configuration and SAP integration in hybris, when I realized that my sheets probably also would be valuable for an external blog post. So here it is…

Many manufactures are offering, besides their main portfolio, additional products like: services, software packages and spare parts. Items related to one or several products. In this brief post I am showing some results and advantages when you disclose your SAP data and knowledge base in hybris. Online Variant Configuration in hybris brings:

  1. An uplift on revenue. How?
    • By offering an extra sales channel
    • For multiple users : customers – agents – sales team
    • 24/7 available, on any device
    • More quotes
    • More accurate quotes
  2. Decrease of sales costs. How?
    • Cost saving in inside sales
    • No need for engineers to support (costly and with limited time)
  3. Improvement of margin. How?
    • By offering extra, high margin products like: service contracts, parts, software, updates, hardware.


SAP and hybris have invested heavily in an efficient integration and flexible architecture. As showed in the picture below, you can export your SAP ERP knowledge database to the hybris server (grey box) asynchronously. The SSC module manages the data load and orchestrates the data to be used in hybris. Data and logic are picked-up by hybris front-end. Your customers, sales team or agents now are able to create accurate quotes by themselves!

hybris architecture


One of the most attractive end-to-end processes might be this one: a customer creates a quote in hybris. This quote automatically results in a lead in CRM; visible in your pipeline and regular reports. Your sales team is working on this lead in SAP’s CRM application Cloud4Sales, having all customer data and information ‘at their finger tips’ to win this deal. After the customer accepts the quote, the order is send to SAP ERP. The customer can track and trace the order via hybris.

If you are interested in a demo or more detailed information, please contact NTT DATA Business Solutions. We are happy to inspire you!


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