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How does your University score on Digital Experience?


Based on the Computable-article (May 25th 2016 by Kevin Stickens) it appears students within universities aren’t very pleased about their ‘digital experience’ within their university. Almost 75% of all students think their university isn’t doing enough, even to the extend they will not promote their university in their network.

Students in the Benelux are most dissatisfied about the digital handling of their fees, changes in their personal schedules and the like. The main verdict on digital administration is 44 percent rates this from ‘bad’ to ‘poor’. Preferably they want one application that’s accessible on different (mobile) devices in order to oversee their student- and study related file.

On a larger scale the experience of one third of the population thinks the paperwork is too large and the administration is too complex. The general thought is the systems isn’t aligned anymore with the high costs of studying.

Fiori apps can improve the student experience

In order to align the costs of studying, NTT DATA Business Solutions invests not only in developing SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) to improve the backend processes, but also in so called Fiori-apps. Initially introduced by SAP to support mobile collaboration, meanwhile there are over 450 default Fiori apps available (usable without extra costs for all SAP users). The advantages, besides the seamless co-operation with SAP, are Fiori-apps are intuitive, can be used on any mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop) no matter the operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, …) and can be easily distributed to SAP users. This of course supporting secure access to your SAP system.

Which apps are ready to use for students?

Started last year to build these for the student lifecycle domain, we now offer several apps giving information about and enabling students to see and even modify their address-information, get insight on their financial information, applications for courses and so on.

Want to know more?

In case you want to read more about our industry solution SLcM, see Go Beyond Student Lifecycle Management (

In case you’re interested but need some more information (for instance to build a business case), we can offer you a Fiori workshop. In this workshop we’ll introduce you in the basics and we’ll help you to decide which app would be suitable for your organization. But of course we can also help you to implement the usage as well.

Written by Roger Huntjens
Project Manager

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