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| February 3, 2017

The Modern Approach to Optimizing Your Workforce - Part 1


Part 1: Goal Management

Digitization is not the only trend shaping the modern business world; corporate social engagement is also changing how companies function. This applies above all to HR departments, who are under more pressure than ever to treat staff as humans and not merely resources.

This two-part series compares past HR methods with today’s. It explains how SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals (P&G) Management can help your enterprise adapt its talent management processes to modern expectations and technology. Part 1 focuses on goal management specifically—and presents a solution for effectively cascading corporate objectives.

New Attitudes. New Technology.

Traditional corporate structure is characterized by a clearly-defined hierarchy. In companies that followed this blueprint, there was often a gulf between C-level executives and junior staff—with minimal direct contact between the two. In most cases, corporate goals filtered down from top to bottom, one tier at a time. The message could lose clarity along the way, leaving employees unsure of what exactly was expected of them and questioning their value to the organization.

However, digitization and shifting attitudes have driven change in recent years. Technologies such as instant messaging and social networks have opened up more lines of contact. Meanwhile, decision makers have to come to understand that an open structure increases efficiency of communication and creates a sense of togetherness. Everyone should be fully aware of their individual objectives. Crucially, they should know how meeting them can pay toward the enterprise’s success.

The SMART Way to Manage Goals

The Goal Management module by SAP SuccessFactors helps HR departments create, align, monitor, and measure targets. It enables them to break down broader objectives into specific, manageable components. With access to a library of over 500 “SMART goals”—categorized by departments and positions—managers can assign these aims to teams and individuals. This makes them clearer and more actionable, boosting productivity throughout the company.

More to Come

While keeping employees mindful of their goals is important, they must also be performing well enough to reach them. The second installment in this series will compare past and present methods for assessing performance—and highlight how you can track and optimize your workforce’s contribution in the digital age.

The Key to Optimizing your Workforce

Or for an overview of the “Top Ten HR Trends”, take a look at this itelligence HR infographic.

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