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Ben Rauwerda | November 17, 2021

Intelligent Automation? iRPA is a Steppingstone for Digital Transformation in Education

iRPA as a tool for automating processes in education? Absolutely. Intelligent Robotic Process Automation is being used more and more often, as smart solutions for managing and using data have gained considerable momentum. Regardless of whether you implement attended or unattended iRPA, your organization will be rewarded with lower costs, higher productivity and a much smaller margin of error. Are you ready to hand over a large part of your tasks, improving both the staff work experience and the student user experience? This is how your educational institution will benefit from all iRPA has to offer.

Bringing iRPA to Your Processes Will Give You the Upper Hand in an Ever-changing Market

A smart solution, iRPA lets you effortlessly automate repetitive work: tasks which previously had to be performed manually, can now be entrusted to software robots. You can decide to let the bots do all the work while you simply act as the human supervisor, or you can work together with your iRPA system. Applying iRPA to processes in a way that fits your current needs will help your organization grow and gain you the upper hand.

iRPA offers a range of functions and can be used in different ways. Any industry will stand to gain from iRPA, bringing more efficiency, user-friendliness and intelligence to sector-specific processes.

From Administration to Admission and Finance: iRPA Ensures You Keep Your Pole Position

Take the notorious application time, for example – a period during which students sign up for courses and subjects. A hectic time for any school or university, especially when it comes to administration. Forms have to be filled in correctly and flawlessly in order to be validated, and large amounts of data need to be processed at the same time. This poses quite the challenge for your educational facility – specifically the IT and administration departments – as large amounts of data need to be verified in a short amount of time. Additionally, this period requires your finance department to run at full speed, considering the large number of payments that are made and all of the tuition fees that need claiming and checking. All the while both students and suppliers expect constant availability and a smooth, efficient way of working.

iRPA is the obvious solution for such standardized processes and for processes defined by both their regularity and their unpredictability. In additional to the fact that iRPA lends itself perfectly for AI/ML use, one of the major advantages is that actions are directly linked to events. If your input data is incomplete or damaged, for example, the bots will send an update or warning in real time. In short, bringing smart automation to your processes means gaining the upper hand in an ever-changing market.

Using iRPA for repetitive administrative processes lets you automate tasks, freeing up time for your staff to focus on more important things.

Grading and standardization processes will also benefit greatly from iRPA. It will allow teachers with hundreds of students under their wing to have digitally taken tests checked flawlessly and automatically. Even analogue multiple-choice tests do not pose a problem for robots, as scanning documents works perfectly for iRPA. Another option here is OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a smart solution that reads scanned documents. You can subsequently use iRPA to link actions to any data your OCR tool registers.

Perfect Processes using Smart Automation – Let the Robots do the Work

Whether it concerns an application form for a subject, course, or semester, or a test or invoice for tuition fees: your iRPA system reads, validates and takes action based on the supplied documents. It allows you to perform assessments based on admission or passing criteria, for example to determine whether a student is eligible to attend a certain course or whether they passed a test. And where it usually takes up to two days to reply to emails concerning important financial matters, iRPA helps speed up the process considerably. For example, it lets you send bot-automated confirmation emails to students immediately after receiving their payments, and real-time replies to questions with the help of a smart CAI-controlled chatbot. Here lies an important opportunity for your system to make itself smarter. Thanks to NLP and AI software bots are able to learn to understand natural languages, learn from mistakes, and answer questions like a real person to ensure pleasant, adequate communication. Another example of how smart automation will help your organization thrive.

Chatbots use CAI, a software that is able to instantly utilize new information. An iRPA-driven chatbot more than pays off the investment: the relatively stable development environment providing lots of room for growth ensures optimal support for future add-ons.

Scaling Up and Down: iRPA Lets You Ccontinually Adapt to an Evolving Market

iRPA allows you to easily scale up or down. The admission period, for example, will most likely be a busier time than the middle of the semester. During those quieter times, you can put your bots to work elsewhere. In addition, you will not have to reprogram your iRPA yourself, saving you a considerable amount of time. Bots always work, and what’s more: they always work flawlessly. They are on guard 24/7, ready when you need them.

Once a week, once a month, or constantly on standby: a bot is always at your service. It also creates room for development and growth, giving your staff the opportunity to learn more specifically about working with and using iRPA.

Leading the Way with iRPA – How to Make the Most out of Digital Transformation

If you’re keen to take concrete steps toward digital transformation and enjoy all the advantages artificial intelligence has to offer, iRPA is the next step for you. With iRPA your educational facility will benefit from several significant advantages:

  1. Lower costs. It may seem like a large investment, but you can rest assured the technology will basically pay for itself.
  2. Higher productivity. A bot is continually at work and is able to cover the tasks of two to five human employees at the same time. More results, less manpower. In the meantime, your administrative staff is free to focus on more important things.
  3. A bot doesn’t need training and is available whenever you need it, making iRPA the perfect solution in a work environment with changing workloads and ups and downs. What’s more: when your institution grows, so will your iRPA.
  4. Smaller risk margin and higher-quality data. Thanks to a decrease in errors the quality of your data is automatically improved, leading to better analyses, more stability and enhanced protection of personal data and research data.

Is your educational institution ready for iRPA? Or are you keen to learn more? Contact our education industry experts to find out what iRPA can do for your school, educational facility or university.

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