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NTT DATA Business Solutions | June 27, 2019

Industrial Intelligence – Shaping the Future of Industrial IoT

Since Phillip Harting took the helm at HARTING, he has watched his family business grow exponentially. What’s more, recent collaboration with NTT DATA Business Solutions has paved the way for a string of projects to leverage digitization in industrial environments. This blog post details some of the projects for industrial intelligence that have been made possible by our partnership.

The picture shows Philip Harting, CEO HARTING and Norbert Rotter, CEO NTT DATA Business Solutions, sealing the deal.
Phillip Harting of HARTING and our CEO Norbert Rotter sealing the deal

During the Hannover Messe’s Technological Academy exhibition, attendees witnessed the coming together of two companies that, together, could shape the future of IIoT and Industry 4.0. We at NTT DATA Business Solutions can boast 30 years’ experience in providing expert digital solutions to SMEs. At the same time, our partner, HARTING, a leading manufacturer of industrial hardware, brings to the table its award-winning edge computing system MICA. The HARTING MICA IIC enables the transformation of “creative ideas into innovative solutions and digitized processes”. The scope for digitization and industrial intelligence has been widened, and already customers are benefiting from added value. Also at Hannover Messe, we offered concrete insights into the potential of networked technologies in logistics, production, customer service, and maintenance and analytics. What’s more, the world’s first managerial service robot, Pernille, demonstrated her ability to take on everyday leadership roles.

Need to Digitize Your Legacy Processes? Nothing Easier Than This!  

Together with HARTING, we have already produced a new, joint offering. retrofit can digitize legacy processes in manufacturing and aid industrial intelligence. The solution is specifically targeted toward automotive suppliers as well as the food and beverage industry and can automate the injection molding process of plastics. As it stands, we have over 40 customers who still operate older injection molding systems and therefore spot market potential, particularly in German-speaking countries.

2 Smart Solutions That Help You Accelerate Your Production Processes

Our scale is another product that has been put into practice. Using MICA’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) asset in combination with SAP, scale accelerates the production process. A weight and scale detector, the solution can analyze, weigh, and recognize assets and can provide a precise recording. scale is now being utilized at the weighing station at HARTING Electric.

Sowing Seeds for Future Collaboration

We will work together also in the future to provide end-to-end solutions for our customers, who also include Hansa Heemann and Cavendish & Harvey. What’s more, the American branches of the two companies have begun evaluating the market and mapping out a sales pipeline.

Last year, we introduced you to FarmBot, the intelligent farming system that could revolutionize agriculture in years to come. The device operates on a gamified interface and allows for the automating sowing, weeding, and watering. FarmBot was recently out on display in our Berlin office at the SAP Greenspace event. Watch this video to see FarmBot in action!

This picture show our FarmBot out on display in our Berlin office.
This picture show our FarmBot out on display in our Berlin office.

We are continuing to innovate with FarmBot and developing new AddOns and technical additions that accelerated with the assistance of HARTING. What’s more, our future collaboration can pave the way for a whole host of projects to aid industrial intelligence for our growing customer-base.

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