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Camille van Dongen | April 1, 2019

Hannover Messe 2019: The place where industry & technology converge


The Hannover Messe recently took place again. This technology trade fair attracts the whole world and here, you can admire the latest applications. What struck me?

The era of far-reaching digitalisation has now truly dawned! The art of dealing with changes swiftly but especially agilely, hereby providing added value to your customers, is at present, and certainly in the near future, the key to a successful business.

Intelligent Enterprise

I believe most successful companies today and in the future are organisations best capable of implementing ‘The Intelligent Enterprise’. They will carry out integrated, automated processes that are transparent and connected to the ‘real’ world.

People in the factory will ‘talk’’ to the machines (by reading big data and analysing this so it becomes predictive), or people will chat with the products they make. Extensive interactions with customers and suppliers will arise, as it is possible to consider secondary values such as traffic information and weather forecasts, as well as the opinions and feedback from different target groups.

Partly thanks to this connection with the ‘real’ world, business processes will be able to make autonomous, smart decisions. They can anticipate and reactively solve problems – before someone notices. Automating these decisions relieves people from repetitive work and enables them to focus on high impact tasks, which is beneficial to a better performance.

At the SAP booth, it was easily perceptible how they approach “The Intelligent Enterprise” with vision and dedication. A realistic factory setup in which machine-learning, IoT, robotising, and augmented reality scenarios were shown – often in cloud applications. A complete end-to-end process, from design to delivery to the customer.

With the Intelligent Enterprise framework, SAP offers a fully integrated range of applications required by intelligent technologies and the digital platform that IM & C companies need for taking valuable steps towards further digitalisation. It provides far-reaching innovation opportunities throughout the whole enterprise and seeks new boundaries, resulting in pioneering business models and income streams.

Vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, and Infor are also in full swing, and are expressly working on substantiating the digital transformation. For me, this is the sign that the times really are changing.

Would you like to know more about how NTT DATA Business Solutions companies can support your business with this change, please contact me. I enjoy thinking along with you.

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