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NTT DATA Business Solutions | November 30, 2015

How to embed Fiori in your SAP landscape?

Even if your current or future landscape is on-premise, cloud or hybrid

Fiori is the new and in the near future only user experience for SAP solutions. Originally developed to enable simple transactions, but now more and more maturing and also capable of handling more complex SAP transactions on any device. Many of our customers are therefore considering implementing SAP Fiori, but find it very hard to get an overview of the impact on their current and future SAP system landscape.

Fiori On-Premise on SAP Gateway

Are you an on-premise company? Do you want to maintain all your SAP hardware and software yourself? Then install SAP Gateway as an embedded or separate front-end server in your on-premise environment, install the components for the Fiori Launchpad and applications, as well as the related OData services. Configure the authorisations and finally make your Fiori applications available to your Internet users by means of a webserver.
Extend existing Fiori apps or build your own with any on-premise Integrated Development Environment (such as Eclipse or Webstorm) by connecting to the ABAP repository on the Gateway. Optionally use SAP Afaria to manage your mobile users, devices and applications.

Fiori on-premise with separate Gateway

Fiori on-premise with separate Gateway

Fiori Cloud Edition on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Are you a (considering) cloud company? Then first start managing your mobile users, devices and application with SAP Mobile Secure Cloud Edition. Then install the HANA Cloud connector in your on-premise environment and start using the Fiori capabilities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. In this public cloud environment, SAP will provide you with a Fiori Launchpad and their currently most used standard Fiori apps, but the platform also enables you to build, extend, run and manage Fiori Apps. Also the authorisations to control access to the Fiori applications can be handled in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. In the near future the HANA Cloud Platform will be able to take care of your OData services as well, so only your SAP Business Suite system could remain on premise. This will provide you with agility on the front-end, while retaining stability in the back-end.

Fiori in the Cloud

Fiori in the Cloud with SAP HCI OData Provisioning to replace Gateway

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Written by Frank Jacobs
SAP Solution Consultant Mobile, Cloud and Analytics

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