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Collaboration at Its Best with SAP Jam for Enterprises

With SAP Jam, SAP has taken this approach to enterprise-centric communities, enabling employees and partners to cultivate a modern, collaborative work environment that eliminates paper trails and hours of coordination.


3 Reasons for SAP’s Social Collaboration Software

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, XING, or Twitter have become staples of our work lives – they make it easier to connect with business partners and let us collect and publish the latest industry news – and they are available anywhere and anytime. With SAP Jam, SAP has modeled this approach to company-centric communities, enabling employees and partners to cultivate a modern, collaborative working environment that eliminates paper trails and hours of coordination hassles.

Learn more about SAP Jam and how it helps employees working in a highly collaborative environment.

1. SAP Jam Makes Your Teams More Effective and Reduces IT Costs

SAP Jam enables employees, customers, and partners to find what they are looking for in no time. Web browsers and the SAP Jam mobile app put files, messages, and educational content at their fingertips, no matter where they are in the world. Features like the calendar, contact management, instant messaging, pros and cons tables, or coordination tools make it that much easier to bring projects to fruition and even successfully takes brainstorming to the virtual realm. This increases work efficiency by up to 13 percent [1]. At the same time, companies can reduce the licensing costs associated with standalone intranet portals and document management systems by up to 20 percent [2].

2. SAP Jam Can Be Easily Integrated and Leveraged for Any Type of Business Process

SAP Jam combines the features of its predecessor SAP StreamWork with those of the Jam platform – which became part of SAP’s portfolio with its acquisition of SuccessFactors –, making it highly suitable for integration with SAP and non-SAP applications. Thanks to its integration with back office systems like SAP CRM, SAP Cloud for Customer, or SAP S/4HANA, context-related information can be made available to serve the process at hand. If, for example, a customer gets back to the sales team through the messenger, the sales rep responsible for that customer will automatically be provided with all of the customer’s metadata along with any previous transactions and messages.

3. SAP Jam as a Vital Tool for a Successful Digital Transformation

Employees, customers, and partners who leverage enterprise social networks like SAP Jam spend significantly less time researching information and solve problems up to 14 percent faster [2].

See, how SAP Jam improves information research and helps solving problems up to 14% faster.

Departments and project teams are completely autonomous in the management of their workstreams and groups and no longer have to rely on the IT department to set up new team members or subject areas. This fosters the exchange of ideas, has been proven to improve the innovative capabilities of employees [1], and inspires a team-driven work culture that supports the implementation of digital business processes.
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