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Turn rough ideas into tangible outcomes: With your co-innovation partners at NTT DATA Business Solutions you quickly develop innovations that fit your company. Whether you just started – or have a clear vision in your mind already.

Creating value through Innovation
Watch on Creating value through Innovation

Create Value Through Digital Innovation

Co-innovating with NTT DATA Business Solutions means getting it done. Our approach transfers ideas into sustainable results to help you reach your full potential. Quickly, affordably and based on vast experiences.

At the end, you’ll have a service or solution that creates value for your business. We think outside the box, while not losing sight of your existing reality. We also think inside the box. That means: We connect innovative technologies with your proven busines processes and enterprise IT.

Wherever You Stand: Start Right Now

You've got a concrete challenge to solve? Or just a vague idea to realize? No matter your starting point: We're here to get right on it. Our business and technology experts help you define your individual roadmap to innovation. And take action immediately.

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We work closely with you and identify innovative ways through co-innovation

A Modular Co-Innovation Approach Based on Your Needs

You want to innovate. But do you know where to start?

When it comes to innovation, there is no standard path to take. That’s why we have developed a flexible and modular approach to accommodate the diverse innovation needs of our times. Our approach comprises 5 Co-Innovation Service modules – Inspire, Involve, Design, Adopt and Connect – with which we provide systematic support along the innovation process using specific tools and methods.

Whether you’re in need of inspiration, want to make use of disruptive technologies or seek to develop new processes or business models – we are there for you.

Co-Innovation Service module Inspire to explore your possibilities and strategize

Inspire: Explore Your Possibilities & Strategize

Whether you are facing a specific challenge or simply looking for innovative ideas for the future, we are here to get you started. Guided by your interests and needs, we will jointly discover new possibilities and envision alternative futures using a variety of creative methods and tools, which we then flexibly translate into actionable concepts and strategic roadmaps.

Goals and outcomes:

Our objective is to inspire you – to make you aware of new possibilities and help you express your vision and ideas for the future in a way that they can be actualized. You define the desired outcome: a refreshing spark of inspiration, a concrete idea or a comprehensive roadmap for your innovation journey.

Sample tools and capabilities:

Technology Insights and Showcase Demonstration, Innovation Events (online and on-site), Speeches and 1-on-1 Expert Sessions, Design Thinking Workshops, Innovation Roadmapping

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Co-Innovation Service module Involve to get the right people engaged

Involve: Get the Right People Engaged

Innovation is not just about technology. It’s about the people who will use it every day. To make innovation a success, it’s critical to get your people fully engaged. Instead of providing innovation as a finished product, we develop and implement it together with your team.

Goals and outcomes:

Engaging people is a highly individual task. Sometimes, all it takes is bringing lines of business and IT department closer together. In other cases, you might first want to develop a common understanding of your innovation projects’ scope and expectations as well as its constraints. We’ll choose the right set of tools that fit your requirements – always with a clear focus on the needs of your users and/or customers.

Sample tools and capabilities:

Cross-Functional Workshops, Design Thinking Methodology, Fit-Gap Analysis, Change Management, Knowledge Transfer Sessions

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Co-Innovation Service module Design to prototype and refine your solution

Design: Prototype and Refine Your Solution

Together, we make your idea tangible by specifying, visualizing, and prototyping possible solutions. Starting with the users and their requirements, we will jointly work through an iterative process of developing, testing, evaluating, and refining possible designs until we meet the desired aspiration level.

Goals and outcomes:

We find what’s working and what’s not and what brings most value for you and your customers. As a result, you get solution prototypes, benchmarks and systematic feedback, and a well-specified solution ready for implementation.

Sample tools and capabilities:

Persona Creation, UX/Frontend Design, Functional Specification & Prototyping, User Testing & Expert Assessments, Scrum/Agile Methods, Benchmarks

Co-Innovation Service module Adopt to turn innovation concepts into reality

Adopt: Turn Innovation Concepts into Reality

It is no secret that launching and using innovations at scale is very complex. It is not only about integrating innovations into operational business processes, but also about adopting new mindsets and corresponding capabilities. We address your specific strengths and challenges and apply our industry and process expertise to ensure a smooth realization.

Goals and outcomes:

Together, we make your business more profitable, more competitive, or more customer-centric with the help of innovation and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation or the Internet of Things.

Sample tools and capabilities:

Readiness Checks, Solution Architecture, Pilots & Proof of Concepts, Implementation & System Integration

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Co-Innovation Service module Connect to build a strong ecosystem

Connect: Build a Strong Ecosystem

To make a difference, innovation practice must be embedded in your existing IT landscape and enable connectivity with your partners, suppliers, and customers. We avoid and unlock information silos and enable you to bundle resources and effort across organizational boundaries.

Goals and outcomes:

We have access to the right partners and tools so that a multi-ecosystem R&D project with multiple stakeholders gets manageable for you. With our help you can effectively pursue a visionary innovation goal in a collaborative approach with multiple partners and community stakeholders.

Sample tools and capabilities:

Program & Project Governance, Partner Alignment Workshops, Ecosystem Architecture & Data model, Framework Development, Proof of Concept

Klaus-Christoph Müller expert for innovation and products

Every innovation project is a story of its own. Take advantage of groundbreaking technology and find unique ways to make your business more profitable.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director Business Development, Global Innovations and Products

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Our International Innovation Labs

As an innovation partner we combine our knowledge of business challenges and technology trends, and realize co-innovation projects together with our customers. The groundwork is done in our innovation labs around the world: Here we create proof of concepts, test them in real-life business situations and finally turn them into new products and services.

Game Area

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Collaboration Area

Coventry, United Kingdom


Dortmund, Germany

R&D and Innovation Center

Istanbul, Turkey


Bielefeld, Germany

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Every innovation project is a story of its own. Co-innovate with NTT DATA Business Solutions and write yours now!

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