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Hybrid environments are the norm nowadays. They are composed of both cloud and on-premise systems. Extensive expertise and specialist staff are necessary to master the complexity of maintaining a multi-cloud approach with different providers. You could try to navigate this on your own, or you could turn to a central service provider like us who will take care of everything for you. As your primary cloud service vendor, we are at the core of your cloud operations and services. This ensures your data is managed, available, and secure.

Advisory Services

The challenges facing your business – and your IT – are constantly changing. But you do not always require new solutions to deal with them. What you need is an honest, detailed evaluation of your situation and an open assessment. Are you fully protected against increasing cyberthreats? Are you using your existing tools efficiently? Where could you prevent drops in performance? And which innovations actually make sense for you?
We would be glad to offer you advice and bring decades of experience – with the aim of getting more out of your IT.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Digitalization, just like any challenging project, begins by developing a strategy. Migrating to the public cloud, operating a private cloud, or staying on premise are all possibilities. We’ll identify the right cloud strategy to set your business on the path to success.

Find the best mix of a hybrid landscape by combining private and public cloud solutions to fit your needs. We’ll provide you with advice on getting the most out of cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Start planning and get immediate support from us via our checklist for efficient Cloud Management.

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IT Strategy Consulting

We take your business goals and develop an IT strategy. Using our 30 years of experience of SAP solutions, we advise you on everything from business process optimization to technical implementation and support. We provide IT strategy consulting tailored to your objectives, no matter your company’s size.

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Digital Strategy

Digital transformation rewards businesses with foresight. Build a digital growth company by taking advantage of these opportunities. But how can you revive your business model and deliver results? Our experts provide consultation on the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and big data.

We develop an integration strategy so these new technologies can be leveraged to their full potential. Our innovative digital projects such as detecting the giant hogweed via drones and image recognition are proof of our ability to meet the innovation requirements of our clients.

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SAP User Experience

For some years now, employees have been used to modern, intuitive user interfaces – just think of smartphones. But in reality, business IT at many companies is completely different. Advanced user experience (UX) offers more than just aesthetics. Easy-to-learn operation, shorter paths to desired functions, device-independent interfaces, and consistent design across all applications – all of these significantly increase the efficiency of your employees, as well as enjoyment at work.

Learn about the latest trends and basic technologies for modern SAP usability in our workshops. Together we can take on the challenges in your specific field and analyze the critical points of your existing user interface (UI). At the end, you will have clear recommendations for how to optimize the UI of your SAP landscape.

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Think ahead to flexible cloud environments, agile services, and reducing IT costs. We advise you with our expertise on developing a strategy that fits your transformation journey to the cloud.

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