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With RISE with SAP, your company receives the key components for your business transformation bundled in a single package. To ensure that your transformation succeeds, we support you step by step with the right services and solutions, our industry-specific expertise, and our complementary software products.

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Achieve Your Business Transformation with RISE with SAP

More than ever, companies rely on efficient end-to-end processes to meet market and customer demands on a daily basis. Cloud applications and platforms play an increasingly important role in successfully achieving such business transformations. They support companies in establishing standardized processes but are also flexible to implement individual requirements in an agile manner.

Business transformation towards the cloud often raises questions: How can we leverage the cloud benefits for our business model? How do we put process improvements and innovations into practice? And how do we ensure that the systems meet our industry-specific requirements?

With RISE with SAP, these questions are a thing of the past. Companies receive a comprehensive package that contains all the fundamental components for an intelligent, sustainable enterprise in the cloud: The key products from SAP’s cloud portfolio and our matching services and solutions to ensure a seamless journey and successful transformation

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What Are the Benefits of RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is designed to make cloud adoption as simple as possible. As your service partner, we help you choose the right setup and make it work for you. The key benefits of RISE with SAP include:

  • Cloud-based ‘as a Service’ model

A key advantage of the cloud is its modularity and simplicity – RISE with SAP delivers just that. You receive a curated starter pack with the essential SAP cloud applications bundled into a subscription-based contract and provided to you as a service.

This means you no longer need to put together your solution individually and avoid piecemeal license and maintenance purchases. On top of that, you are free to access the individual components at the time that suits you best. Thanks to the subscription model, you avoid high upfront investments and only pay for what you actually use. This gives you maximum flexibility in designing your journey to the cloud.

  • Best practices for industries and lines of business

The RISE with SAP components can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry and your lines of business (LoB) for optimal results.

With the so-called ‘Industry Packages’, SAP delivers additional business capabilities and innovations to support industry-specific processes. As RISE with SAP customer, you are free to decide which of these products are particularly helpful for your processes, and then adopt them in your environment.

  • Financial leeway

Another advantage of RISE with SAP is greater financial leeway. The subscription model allows you to avoid large upfront capital investments and offers you a certain financial flexibility. This way you have more room to drive business innovation using the provided services.

In addition, RISE with SAP customers receive further benefits through the packaged approach, such as a discount on Industry or LoB Packages.

  • Innovation and intelligent technologies

RISE with SAP includes intelligent technologies and automation for many core process areas that can be used instantly. This allows your employees to focus on further developing the business instead of worrying about recurring routine tasks. In this way, you achieve a new level of efficiency – especially valuable in times of acute shortages of skilled workers, which are currently affecting companies in many industries.

What Are the Components of RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP consists of five core components that, in combination, cover all essential aspects for your business transformation.

The five components of RISE with SAP in short:

  1. Cloud ERP
  2. Business Process Intelligence
  3. Business Platform & Analytics
  4. Business Networks
  5. Outcome-Driven Services & Tools

Read more about the individual components below or learn more about our complementary services and dedicated industry solutions here.

team having a look at SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the basis of RISE with SAP

1. Cloud ERP

At the heart of RISE with SAP is the digital core, SAP S/4HANA Cloud. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is available to customers either in the public cloud or in the private cloud edition. In both cases, SAP takes care of cloud hosting and technical provisioning of the solution, which guarantees customers a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

Which of the two options is the right choice for your company basically depends on your specific situation and your goals. For example, customers who want a high degree of individuality and customization options may prefer to use the Private Cloud Edition. Companies that want to apply SAP standards can use SAP S/4HANA Cloud in the Public Cloud Edition.

On our dedicated website, we explain everything you need to know about SAP S/4HANA Cloud and are happy to help you make your decision.

team learn how to optimize processes with SAP Business Process Intelligence (SAP BPI)

2. Business Process Intelligence

SAP Business Process Intelligence (SAP BPI) offers everything companies need to embed a new level of transparency and intelligence into their business processes.

With the SAP Signavio solutions that are included in SAP BPI you can analyze, monitor, and optimize your processes. This includes early identification of inefficiencies and potential risks, simulation of alternative business scenarios as well as concrete improvements for operational excellence.

Here you can get a comprehensive overview of SAP Business Process Intelligence.

team gains access to innovative solutions through SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

3. Business Platform & Analytics

With the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), RISE with SAP customers gain access to the most innovative solutions developed by SAP and their partner ecosystem including NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Technologies such as Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, IoT or Robotic Process Automation are available on SAP BTP as services that companies can directly purchase and implement. The platform is continuously being expanded, enabling customers of RISE with SAP to effectively drive the optimization of their own core processes with the latest innovations.

optimized processes and collaboration through SAP Business Network Starter Pack

4. Business Networks

The SAP Business Network Starter Pack includes the three solutions SAP Ariba Network, SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN), and SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN), which integrate seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

With these solutions, companies can consolidate their procurement processes along the entire supply chain, manage their asset network centrally in the cloud, and track their business expenses. This facilitates collaboration with suppliers, service providers and end customers. For example, you benefit from processing orders more effectively, simple delivery tracking, and finding new logistics partners more easily.

Additional information is available on the website for the SAP Business Network Starter Pack.

RISE with SAP customers benefit from numerous embedded services and tools

5. Outcome-Driven Services & Tools

RISE with SAP customers benefit from numerous embedded services and tools, such as the SAP Readiness Check, SAP Enable Now or SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management. These can help optimize your business model as well as core processes and make the transition to the cloud smooth.

A key aspect is cloud-based infrastructure services delivered by a hyperscaler of your choice. For example, from AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft.

The Structure of RISE with SAP at a Glance

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Our Offering for Your Successful Transformation with RISE with SAP

Which Industry Solutions Do We Offer in Combination with RISE with SAP?

The components of RISE with SAP are central across different industries. This is just as true for our own solutions. Our solution packages provide proven industry templates and accelerators to ensure customized results with a simple process. We have industry-specific expertise and offer solutions in the following industries:

1. Consumer Products

For most consumer goods, global trends determine business. Whether it is the food, beverages or durables industry, companies in the CPG industry face challenges like supply chain agility, effective demand management and also food safety. Here SAP solutions like the powerful ERP system SAP S/4HANA support your needs and can help you lead the way.

Visit our dedicated consumer products industry website for more information.

2. Discrete Industries

Automotive, high-tech, and industrial machinery and components (IMC) are summarized in discrete industries. Each sub-industry faces its own specific challenges like reduction of lead times for automotive, improved UX by technologies for high-tech, and end-to-end integrated process scenarios for IMC. All these challenges can be targeted with different IT solutions and we help you identify them. We understand your industry’s needs and are therefore the partner to choose.

Learn more about the challenges and related solutions on our website for discrete industries.

3. Life Sciences

Data integrity, product quality and patient safety are the pillars of the life sciences industry. With increasingly stringent rules and regulations and growing market pressure, compliance and also supply chain tracking is becoming a challenge. The reason for this is often: unconnected data.

By combining industry experience and SAP and data expertise, we are able to help you to explore the potential your data provides to optimize processes – with the help of an IT platform.

Learn more about this Pharma 4.0™ dedicated IT platform and how it supports you in overcoming challenges and starting to thrive on our life sciences website.

4. Chemicals

Increasingly strict compliance regulations, complex supply chain, time-consuming production control processes – these are some challenges the chemicals industry is facing. Tackle these challenges with an integrated value chain and receive transparent, compliant, and cost-effective processes.

Learn more about the chemical industry here.

5. Wholesale Distribution

Constant changes in market dynamics for wholesale distributors have populated the roadmap to success with as many challenges as they have opportunities. Increased pressure to optimize procurement and supplier management processes, ever-increasing expectations to ensure customer loyalty and the pressure to optimize procurement and supplier management processes as competitors drive down prices are forcing companies to search for the optimum SAP solution.

Read more about the challenges and our expertise in the wholesale industry here.

6. Professional Services

Even in the digital age, the service sector remains a business that depends primarily on people. To be successful, companies must systematically search for experts and optimally distribute their employees among the projects.

We help you to be successful with your service company in the highly competitive project market. Together with you, we develop a consistent, transparent process that enables you to find the ideal employees for the project, deploy them effectively and, above all, secure your margins.

You can find more information on our website about the service provider industry.

7. Higher Education

The industry of higher education is not exempt from the pressure to transform. The students’ expectations rise and so does the diversity of needs for universities in an intense global competition for talents. Marketing strategies, user experience and employee engagement are gaining significantly in importance.

Our key enabler for you is our ‘Education Competence Center’, where we can draw upon specialists helping you leverage SAP solutions along all processes like administration, analytics, commerce, and management.

Learn more about challenges and trends in the higher education industry here.

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We Are Your Ideal RISE with SAP Partner

With more than 30 years of experience in the digital industry, a specialization in transforming SAP-centric systems of internationally operating customers, and in-depth knowledge of SAP’s entire product and service portfolio, NTT DATA Business Solutions is the perfect RISE with SAP partner for your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

As your trusted advisor and long-term partner, we help you design your journey to the cloud and unlock the full potential of the RISE with SAP Software Package based on our proven project methodology. Together, we analyze your business model, develop a strategy for the optimal setup of RISE with SAP for your company, and take care of the successful implementation and value realization.

We always cater to the individual needs of our customers in a wide range of industries – from industrial machinery and components, to consumer products, life sciences and higher education. Thanks to our longstanding experience in our focus industries, we know our way around and, as a global company, we also know how to solve international challenges in the best possible way. Trust us – together we will make RISE with SAP a success for you!

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