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Bonhage Martin | June 15, 2020 | 4 min.

SAP Outsourcing - Discover the World of Data Centers

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly happens when you decide to store your system externally? We did a tour through our own data centers to show you what goes on inside them.

itelligence operates state-of-the-art data centers all over the world.

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly happens when you decide to store your system externally? Have you ever wondered what a data center looks like on the inside? Are you aware of how they ensure constant availability of business-critical systems and keep your valuable data secure – even if there is a natural disaster? We did a tour through our own data centers to show you what goes on inside them.

With the growing complexity of IT operations and rising demands for performance and availability, many companies are looking for partners to host their data. Perhaps you are already working with a service provider for SAP outsourcing or managed cloud services. Hosting your data in data centers of an external service provider is one option for outsourcing your SAP system and applications in order to relieve your own infrastructure. But what does this mean exactly? In our video, we show you what this looks like and what guarantees data security as well as the fast availability. Press play and watch the video now!

Take a Look Inside an NTT DATA Business Solutions Data Center


Is My IT Infrastructure Overloaded?

Cloud is getting more and more popular and anyone looking to use the cloud relies on specialized cloud-based solutions. As a result, IT landscapes are becoming more diverse and complex cloud infrastructures need to be managed.

In order to properly relieve your IT, the management should not be limited to just the IT services. It is important to partner with a provider who also consults on the outsourcing strategy as a whole. Let’s have a look at some things that should be taken into consideration:

  • Infrastructure strategy including hybrid cloud
  • Implementation services
  • Data migration services
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Additional services like Application Management Services (AMS)

Next to deciding with whom to partner, it is important to consider beforehand which outsourcing options you have: We talk about hosting in a data center, moving to the cloud or a combination of both – a hybrid solution.

Is Hosting in A Data Center the Right Option For My Business?

Why should you opt for outsourcing your SAP system into a data center? We tell you the most important characteristics of our data centers:

SAP systems can safely be outsourced and stored in data centers of external service providers.They are not separated from each other, they are clustered in order to keep the latency times low to provide full redundancy. The customers always have access to their data, even if a natural disaster occurs, thanks to a worldwide spread localization of the data centers.

Data protection and therefor business continuity is protected by strong access control as well as by security measures according to federal requirements. In addition, the data centers are certified for having implemented energy management standards that lead to sustainability and energy savings.

Next to security and availability, often there is a high demand for flexibility in services that go along with storing your data in data centers. Every business is unique and requires different service approaches. We, as a service provider, assess together with our customer which services are needed and beneficial.

Again, in today’s complex cloud environments, simply outsourcing your IT only helps to a certain extent. As a global partner for cloud services we employ an international approach. This begins with the initial design of your cloud strategy, to selecting a solution, cloud hosting, and even efficient management of your entire IT infrastructure – whether cloud-only or hybrid.

The first step towards such decision is to assess your IT infrastructure’s complexity. Regardless of whether you already use our Managed Cloud Services or Application Management Services or are at the beginning of opting for SAP outsourcing, get recommendations of our own experts on how to proceed.

Our relationship with customers is based on trust. We operate the most important business systems of our customers: the heart of their business.

Wojciech Darłowski,

Managing Director – Global Managed Services Poland, NTT DATA Business Solutions

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