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Yvonne Kern | March 9, 2023

Application Management Services for An Easier S/4HANA Transformation

For many companies, the migration to SAP S/4HANA is crucial to their success in the coming years. So make the most of SAP Application Management Services (AMS) from NTT DATA Business Solutions and free up your IT organization to concentrate fully on strategic and innovative topics.

Make the Transformation a Priority!

Now that SAP has announced an extension of support for SAP ERP (SAP ECC 6.0) until at least 2027, many companies are further delaying the migration to SAP S/4HANA. Although a large number have begun addressing the transition in very specific terms, they are only planning to implement the shift sometime this year at the earliest, and in some cases not before 2025 or later. Only a very few have actually completed the project. This is a regrettable lapse, because time i needed to lay a good foundation and create real added value for the future when companies make changes of this kind. It can often take months just to create preliminary studies, develop roadmaps and select deployment models.

In addition to being pressed for time or uncertain about the right approach or level of acceptance among employees, enterprises may not have enough internal IT capacities to launch the migration. Often, the IT department is busy keeping the existing complex SAP environment up and running; it is fully engaged with performing regular upgrades or adjustments in the course of everyday business and has little time to deal with strategic and innovative topics in a really focused way. Moreover, companies also face a global shortage of skilled workers. The US-based consulting firm Korn Ferry, for example, expects a worldwide shortfall of 4.3 million IT workers by the year 2030, and these are the specialists urgently needed for projects like the transition to S/4HANA. There should actually be a trained team dedicated exclusively to the migration project, but that is unthinkable in many organizations.

Lighten Internal Workloads and Drive the Transformation With SAP Application Management Services

This is precisely where business partners come in. They offer a leg up to your own IT organization in areas like Application Management Services (AMS), so it can manage the jobs at hand and at the same time drive forward important innovations. In concrete terms, that means outsourcing the operation, maintenance, extension and optimization of applications – a large portion of the routine work, in other words. That saves valuable time and resources.

But even more is possible: companies dealing with the issues of digital transformation know that these are decisive matters that will determine their future direction. They often require a large amount of additional information and support, more than can readily be provided through existing resources and the internal IT department. At small and medium-sized companies, in particular, there is a pressing need for individual support: these companies need help determining the right targets and approaches, estimating overall costs and establishing best practices – which means there is a premium on expert opinion.

A business partner is thus brought in not just to lower costs, but to improve internal resource efficiency and ensure that systems are stable and run smoothly. Often, the business partner grows into a strategic partner, a trusted advisor. This partner supports corporate strategy by building up a sustainable, forward-looking IT strategy, thereby helping both IT managers and the top-level business executives. The objective is to position the IT department and its resources in such a way that it can concentrate on the migration to S/4HANA in the coming years. That requires not just high-quality IT processes and a proactive mindset but also continuous optimization of the IT service processes and supported applications. Our study Application Management in Europe showed that 76 percent of the companies surveyed receive outside advice and support for their IT or applications strategy. A similar proportion outsource the hosting of their SAP applications to the public or private cloud.

SAP Application Management Services from NTT DATA Business Solutions offer you key advantages that will help make your migration a success:

  • Your operational workload is greatly reduced, and you gain more freedom to pursue new topics, such as the migration to S/4HANA.
  • You can shift your attention away from the operation of applications and adopt a comprehensive, strategic focus on business innovations and transformations.
  • You achieve efficient and optimized IT operations for your hybrid SAP landscape and find the perfect balance between IT strategy and innovation.
  • Your IT goes from playing a supporting role to playing an active role in the digital transformation of your business.
  • You have an experienced business partner at your side that analyzes, evaluates, implements and optimizes the latest technologies in line with your requirements – in the field of S/4HANA, too.
  • As your business partner for SAP S/4HANA, we have extensive experience from years’ worth of customer projects, and we have already successfully completed numerous implementations and optimizations of S/4HANA ERP systems.
  • You gain more stability with regard to IT resources, which means you bear less risk in the context of a global shortage of skilled IT personnel. And that applies even if your own employees become unavailable at short notice as a result of illness, vacation or termination.
  • You do not have to supply the needed certifications internally. We provide them, which saves you money.

SAP Application Management Services Reimagined: Digitalization as a Service

SAP Application Management Services from NTT DATA Business Solutions can be used when SAP is introduced for the first time as well as for existing SAP installations, and they are available in models that can be adjusted from month to month. Regardless of which option you choose, our support will help you minimize the risk of delayed or even failed projects.

We provide you with the following services and support:

  1. SAP introduction projects: In this case, we take over the operation of the systems until your own processes and teams are fully in place. You remain flexible with regard to scalability – NTT DATA Business Solutions can take on more or fewer activities, depending on your needs. We see the project through to the go-live and successful completion. In addition, we train key users.
  2. SAP S/4HANA projects: There are two possibilities in this case. On the one hand, NTT DATA Business Solutions can take over the standard operation of the system, so that you can fully concentrate your own resources on the project. Or, on the other hand, we can take over individual project activities if your own resources are insufficient. Afterward, you can also put the entire operation in our hands.

We look forward to helping you draw up a forward-looking IT strategy and working side by side to put it into practice. As your expert managed services provider (MSP), we would be pleased to discuss our SAP Application Management Services with you in more detail. We will conduct an initial analysis and explain how they address your individual situation and needs.

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How SAP Application Management Services Improve Your IT Operations

Our experienced Application Management Services specialists ensure that any conflict in your IT landscape is quickly resolved. Whether your system is operated with a classic SAP Business Suite or already uses SAP S/4HANA – we offer you efficient IT operations management as well as request fulfillment and change management.

Entrust us with your transformation!


Our Application Management Services in a compact fact sheet

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