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Network Services Company

Why we’ve chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:
  • Expertise in modernizing and migrating to SAP HANA products in the cloud
  • Proven experience and leadership advising enterprises modernizing and transitioning to SAP HANA
We were impressed with the expertise that we identified with itelligence* as our hosting partner. We knew little about SAP HANA. They were experts, and we felt they were best equipped to satisfy us from that perspective.

Michael Johnson, CFO, Network Services Company

The Network Services Company is the flexible, integrated distribution solution that improves supply chain efficiency and drives business success. For corporate accounts in industrial, commercial real estate, healthcare, foodservice, printing and the public sector, NETWORK offers deep experience, vast infrastructure, customizable programs and best-in-class products in our core categories of janitorial supplies and equipment, foodservice disposables, packaging supplies and equipment, and printing papers.

Their system blends single-source convenience with true local market presence on an international scale. Centralized account management provides greater control, while their network of distributors delivers the flexibility, accountability and category expertise you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Full migration of SAP HANA to the cloud
  • Upgrade ECC from EHP3 to EHP7
  • Upgrade all systems to be compatible with SAP HANA, including PI, Portal, MDM, Vertex, Esker, Paymetric, and eCommerce (CDI)
  • Hardware/DB Migration to SAP HANA for ECC and BW
  • Routine processes and SAP T-codes having long-running response times
  • Long-running BW Query times limiting usefulness of analytics and reporting
  • No in-house SAP HANA expertise


  • Performance improvements to on-premise SAP ECC system and its management of high-transaction volumes
  • Help employees working in financial applications by expediting their execution and report generation
  • Reduce query times against its BW installation
  • Modernize all SAP investments and applications via an upgrade to Enhancement Pack 7
  • Managed Cloud (Hosted) environment spreads financial cost over time, allowing for continued upgrades to future solutions
  • Managed Cloud (Hosting) Pay As You Grow pricing model avoids SAP HANA appliance and server purchases both on premise and in our DR Data Center


  • SAP HANA in the cloud
  • Enhancement Pack 7

About the Project

By adapting SAP HANA NETWORK is realizing productivity gains - thousands of percent improvements in some cases - rooted in better analysis. Further, by moving to a hosting platform, NETWORK freed up over 30 TB of tier-one storage, which were redeployed for other applications.

NETWORK’s SAP HANA journey did not originally include plans for the cloud. Instead, executives initially believed the company’s standard on-premise approach would continue to be the proper route. However, opinions changed when decision makers evaluated factors such as a cost analysis over the next decade and disaster recovery requirements.

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