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LOGSTOR, Løgstør, Denmark


Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

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Each of our 20 buyers is saving an hour every day after we implemented it.capture for order confirmations. Instead of entering all confirmations manually, they can now spend the extra time looking after our suppliers.

LOGSTOR produces pre-insulated pipe systems for customers around the world and production requires materials and commodities from a range of international suppliers.

Previously, all order confirmations from suppliers were manually entered into LOGSTOR’s SAP system by a team of buyers. However, in the last few years, the number of suppliers has increased and the team of buyers has grown from six to 20 members; resulting in a lot of wasted time due to manual entries.

By automating the entry of order confirmations with it.capture, the team now saves about 100 hours on a weekly basis; freeing up time for important tasks. The solution has not only proved time efficient but has also helped streamline production due to fewer errors and a reduction in late deliveries.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Order confirmations were entered manually by the team of buyers, resulting in wasted time
  • Faulty confirmations were often due to human error
  • Errors affected the overall production plan
  • Monotonous manual entries had a demotivating effect on the buyers


  • Automated order confirmations resulting in decreased time wastage and increased productivity
  • Less time needed for monotonous tasks and more time for important tasks
  • Self-learning system requires little maintenance and support


  • it.capture automates order confirmations, freeing up time for buyers, lowering erroneous entries, and streamlining the production line

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