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SAP Analytics Cloud and Digital Economy

Decision making is a process and to succeed in the digital economy just having access to more data isn’t enough. Organizations need to turn data into meaningful insights, improve decision making, and take immediate action.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a single experience for decision making that allows users to discover, visualize, plan and predict, all in one place. Giving everyone, whether in front of the customer or in the boardroom, the power to find new insights and take action.

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ SAP Analytics Cloud Starter Pack

SAP Analytics Cloud solution will provide you the information you need, when you need it! Our starter pack will enable your business in just few clicks. You can blend your data from different sources, create data visualizations, reports, and more. With NTT DATA Business Solutions’ SAP Analytics Cloud Starter Pack you can; connect, get the full picture by connecting to on premise and cloud data sources across all lines of business, with either Live or Import Data connections. Analyze, create dynamic visual stories based on your key business areas. Interact with visualizations and drill down for more detailed information. Make better decisions, faster, get automatic insights at any level of detail, from a single data point to an entire model. Plan, with SAP Analytics Cloud you'll simplify, plan and forecast in real time, and more. Work more efficiently with SAP Analytics Cloud, a single solution for business intelligence and organizational planning.

Discover the Power of Your Internal Data


  • Discover, visualize, plan and predict in one product versus separate point solutions
  • Answer all your business questions whether you’re in the boardroom or in front of the customer
  • Access all data – big and small – to uncover new insights that enrich your analytics


  • Experience a better way to analyze data, designed around people, not engineering
  • Anticipate and respond to new business challenges and opportunities with no delay
  • Navigate seamless workflows to find insights at the point of decision and act in real-time


  • Trust your data is safe with the world’s largest provider of analytics and enterprise applications
  • Ask any question at any time, with any number of users, instantly
  • Meet your specific business needs with application extensions that  leverage an industry standard cloud platform

The Value We Offer

Future Oriented

  • Built on top of the latest cloud platform technology for maximum performance and data management
  • A personalized user experiences that are designed to work the way you want to work


  • Centralized single platform
  • Ad hoc and visual analysis for an acute decision-making process
  • Easy report formatting and design

Analytics Compliance and Control

  • Actionable statistics
  • Dynamic KPI’s and dashboards that can be filtered and modified
  • Create live data connections to on-premise systems

Our Starter Pack Includes:

  • 10 BI User Licenses
  • Training of Users
  • Data Model Integration of Dashboards
  • Installation of Dashboards
  • 3-4 Weeks Implementation Time
  • Costs for Product license + Services: 450 EUR/Month

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