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Streamlined supply chain with Vendor Collaboration Simplified

Vendor Collaboration Simplified is a solution that enables seamless collaboration with vendors through a dedicated platform that simplifies interaction, task completion and general access to data. Vendor Collaboration Simplified provides a centralized location with valuable features that enable vendors to provide transparent and improved service, while reducing the administrative burden.

Introducing the vendor portal solution Vendor Collaboration Simplified – the destination for streamlining and optimizing supply chain processes.

With years of organic vendor interactions, it’s common to have a mishmash of communication methods and a lack of defined processes. Vendor Collaboration Simplified provides a centralized platform to simplify interactions, task completion and general access to data. Say goodbye to the fragmented approaches and welcome a streamlined and efficient way of working with your vendors.

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Vendor Collaboration Simplified ensures enhanced communication and automation

Supply chain growth

Growth without expanding workforce can be challenging, often limiting supply chain expansion. Automating supply chain processes enables organizations to break free from this cycle, fostering unhindered growth and operational efficiency.

Enhanced vendor collaboration

By leveraging our solution’s advanced features, you can standardize and automate your interactions with vendors. From quotation requests to performance tracking, purchase order management, and invoice processing, our portal covers it all.

Fast & efficient key data transfer

Vendor Collaboration Simplified streamlines data submission for vendors with minimal clicks. The data, subject to approval, instantly updates specific locations in your core SAP systems, enhancing visibility and data accessibility across your organization.

Improved data

Our solution facilitates informed decision-making by ensuring key data is up to date across platforms. It offers vendors an easy tool for data submission, while providing internal users a user-friendly platform to view and approve this data, thereby streamlining processes.

Streamline your supply chain using these features of Vendor Collaboration Simplified

Empower vendors and procurement teams
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Empower vendors and internal users with a collaborative platform

  • Vendors manage purchase orders and scheduling agreements online
  • Empowering vendors to self-serve data boosts efficiency
  • Vendors respond to issued requests for quotation within the portal
  • Automation allows internal teams to focus on value-add activities
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Enable supply chain growth
Better collaboration with vendors
Seamless integration into SAP SuccessFactors

Enhance interaction with your direct spend suppliers

  • Provide greater visibility of key performance indicators to vendors
  • Vendor visibility of quality notifications against their account
  • Provide details of contracts and their consumption to vendors
  • Improve vendor performance by sharing material forecasts
  • Enable vendors to react to real-time information, ensuring services align with current events
  • Benefit from quick SAP vendor data exchange and visibility of crucial shared data
  • Empower vendors, allowing them to provide an enhanced service
Effective exchange of key data
Intergration of Time Manager Simplified

Streamline the data flow

Vendor Collaboration Simplified allows your vendors to submit key data online, using minimal clicks. This data is rapidly moved into the appropriate locations (subject to approval where required) in your core SAP systems for wider visibility across your organization. This allows informed decisions to be made based on the latest version of the data.

The vendor is given a tool for easy data submission and the internal user is given an intuitive location to view and approve submitted data.

Simplified implementation

SAP-based Vendor Collaboration Simplified ensures rapid deployment

Core software components are delivered directly within SAP ERP to remove integration requirements and ensure a single source of truth is maintained. It securely exposes and allows key vendors to interact with SAP P2P data and process via a dedicated online platform.

This enables a rapid implementation process for the standard product and it works across industry sectors as the product utilizes SAP based procurement processes.

We are now benefiting from process improvements within the material controller department with more efficient allocation of resources, vendor self-service and collaboration in a consistent way.

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Revolutionize vendor engagement: Download our solution brief to learn more

Discover how our innovative Vendor Collaboration Simplified is designed to revolutionize collaboration with key vendors and drive efficiencies throughout your supply chain, all while minimizing administrative demands on the procurement teams. Our comprehensive set of features is seamlessly aligned with SAP, ensuring a simplified supply chain without adding complexity to your IT landscape.

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Why Vendor Collaboration Simplified is your best choice

Automated processes

Reduced administrative costs

Enhanced collaboration

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