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SAP Customer Experience: Boost Customer Engagement and Sell More

Shine at every touchpoint and turn customers into fans with SAP C/4HANA

SAP C/4HANA: Deliver a Personal Customer Experience to Everyone

Digitization has changed the game dramatically for marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Gone are the days when companies could rely on a “one size fits all” model to get their message across, convince their audience, and gain loyal customers. That’s why traditional customer relationship management (CRM) is transforming, too.

A coherent, convincing, and truly personal customer experience is what sets apart digital leaders from digital laggards. But how do you become a customer-centric company?

Integrate every customer-facing process – with SAP C/4HANA. This suite of solutions unites the former commerce-focused SAP Hybris solutions with tailored software for marketing, sales, service, and a foundation to align all your customer data – compliant with the strictest data privacy and protection laws. Add to this the latest trends in machine learning and you have everything you need to create real-time engagement with every single customer.

84% of organizations

that improved their customer experience saw an uplift in revenue.

Source: Dimension Data, 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report

An Integral Part of the SAP Strategy

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” What can we learn from Stephen Hawking’s words today? That in the digital age, a time of constant change, becoming an intelligent enterprise is the most important competitive factor.

An intelligent enterprise is based on instant, reliable insights derived from artificial intelligence and machine learning. And for SAP customers, the SAP C/4HANA suite plays a key role in this. In fact, customer experience is one of five strategic pillars of SAP’s future roadmap.

Cornerstone of the Intelligent Enterprise

If you’re looking for an end-to-end customer solution, you need a suite that can go the whole nine yards. SAP C/4HANA is designed to modernize the sales-only focus of legacy CRM solutions, which means the relationship doesn’t stop when the order is processed.

Zeni Thakkar, Senior Director Sales Solutions, NTT DATA Business Solutions North America

How Customer Centric is Your Company?

  • Can your employees from each customer-related line of business access up-to-date and comprehensive customer data?
  • Are buying experiences appealing and coherent across all channels?
  • Is your service able to not just solve problems, but actually turn dissatisfied customers into loyal ones?
  • Do you still rely on mass marketing or do you target an audience of one with personally relevant messages?
  • Can you analyze your sales performance in real time and react immediately?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you should have a closer look at the SAP C/4HANA portfolio and our services.

What You Can Achieve with SAP C/4HANA

Gain a 360-Degree View of Every Customer

Everyone talks about putting their customers at the center of their business. Yet only a few really do – because customer centricity requires you to know just about everything on each and every customer. That’s where SAP C/4HANA comes into play: Bring together master data, buying history, individual needs and wishes, and even sentiments. You can then provide your teams in marketing, sales, service, and commerce with all the information they need to create an engaging customer experience.

Create and Analyze Individualized Marketing Campaigns

Based on dynamic customer profiles and supported by artificial intelligence, you can create segments and campaigns that fit perfectly to each individual. You can even optimize marketing campaigns while they run to adapt to your audiences’ reaction. Marketing no longer simply helps sales teams do their job, but contributes directly to new business.

Deliver the Right Solution in the Right Moment

It’s crucial for your sales team to quickly identify key decision makers and establish a complete understanding of customer objectives. SAP C/4HANA fully equips your sales team by breaking down silos of customer information in the back office and delivering this data to your team through their mobile devices. Empower your sales reps with the information they need to know which customers to contact, how to address their pain points, and how to nurture each opportunity to completion.

Become a B2B or B2C Omnichannel Business

No matter whether you’re in B2B or B2C, our customers today expect a consistent buying experience that matches the way they buy online in their personal life using a range of devices. You need to find cost-effective ways to seamlessly provide opportunities for them to make purchases at every stage of their journey, no matter how complex the business. With SAP C/4HANA you create a complete omnichannel sales experience, connecting digital and traditional sales channels end-to-end. You can integrate suppliers, distributors, and partners and manage multiple business models from one single platform.

Retain Customers with High-Quality Services

In the past, service has often been considered a necessary evil to comfort disappointed customers. At best, it was a way to bind customers through long-term maintenance contracts. Today, service should and can be much more. With SAP C/4HANA you not only accelerate service processes and improve the first-time fix rate, but turn service before, during, and after a purchase into an opportunity to engage customers; and sell additional products. To do that, your call-center service specialists have access to complete, contextual customer information – and to B2C or B2B omnichannel data, too. So they know exactly which additional products will perfectly suit their customer. Field service technicians also have all data available to help them complete their tasks faster – even while at the customers’ location.

Customer Engagement: How to Thrive in B2B

SAP Hybris solutions are now SAP C/4HANA and can do even more. Find out how to bring together the whole customer journey end-to-end – and sell more.

SAP C/4HANA Suite: Solutions, Key Benefits, and Features

SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Individualized marketing: Precisely define and target your audiences and determine the best products and messages for individuals – based on machine learning.
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customer: Go beyond marketing data and use information from sales, service, and commerce to become more relevant.
  • Analyze marketing ROI: Quickly and precisely identify successful and unsuccessful campaigns as well as communication channels and adapt them immediately.
  • Base marketing strategies on data instead of gut feeling:Get real-time insights into customer needs, budgets, expenses, and product availability.

Read the solution brief

SAP Sales Cloud

  • Improve sales performance: Streamline the entire sales process thanks to sales-force automation and spend more time selling.
  • Analyze activities in real time: Optimize performance management, quickly identify ineffective sales activities, and focus on the deals that are most likely to close.
  • Sell anytime and anywhere: Engage with customers at the right moment – even when on the go.
  • Individual, well-timed offers: Deliver personalized rebates and offers through every sales channel.

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SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Establish a B2C or B2B omnichannel strategy: Connect every sales channel – from online store to physical branch – taking care of orders regardless of where they come from.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty: Create a consistent, personal experience for your customers with relevant information and offers.
  • Coherent product information: Consolidate your product content and provide every customer and employee with reliable data – ranging from price to features.
  • Adapt your web store to customer insights: Analyze your customers’ intent and affinities and use this info to personalize their shopping experience.

Read the solution brief

SAP Service Cloud

  • Resolve issues faster: Provide your service staff with relevant insights into customer information so they can quickly resolve issues and satisfy customers.
  • Support – and sell: After successfully dealing with your customer’s problems, provide them with relevant discounts and rewards.
  • Include social channels: Meet your customers where they want to be reached – by extending your customer service into social networks.
  • Service on the go: Give service managers and field service technicians access to every tool and all data that they need through smart devices.

Read the solution brief

SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • Turn web shop visitors into returning customers: Provide convenient registration options and social login to engage unknown visitors and encourage them to share data.
  • Gain trust: Give your customers full control over the data they want to share and increase retention.
  • Simplify compliance: Automatically comply with EU-GDPR without having to launch huge data privacy initiatives.
  • Enrich customer profiles: Gain granular control of all customer accounts from a central location.

How Our Customers Benefit from Us


Mobily provides integrated services for three main sectors, namely individuals, business, and carriers. It has one of the largest wireless networks by coverage in Saudi Arabia

Toyota Tsusho

Toyota Tsusho is the trading arm of the Toyota Group. It enriches society by creating value by the company as Metals; Global Production Parts; Logistics

Unipart Rail

The need for an improved supplier experience was identified as a priority requirement that led to a review of supplier interactions and the recommendation to invest in an SAP Supplier Portal.

Servimed implements SAP ERP and SAP Commerce B2B

Servimed chose NTT DATA Business Solutions for the re-implementation of SAP Suite on HANA (ECC) and SAP Commerce B2B due to its expertise in complex projects in this market.

The American Club Singapore

The data warehouse solution from NTT DATA Business Solutions Singapore provides decision-grade information to reduce information-to-decision lead time. The solution lowered reporting costs and saved time through automation of the report generation process and by producing automated reconciliations.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

Together with the Vreugdenhil team, we successfully implemented SAP S/4HANA in an operative supply chain that has no room for disruptions or errors. Read how we broke down silos, upped business process efficiency, and went live during peak milk production season.

Royal Herkel

To gain more insight into future demands and in order to become more flexible, Royal Herkel implemented SAP S/4HANA in 2019. As a result, the company saw the turnover of their products grow by more than twenty percent in 2020.

Emirates Steel

Based in the industrial sector of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel produces home-grown high quality steel products that are shipped and used across the world and delivered into major global markets, for the construction, engineering and energy sectors.


Agthia Group is a leading Abu Dhabi based food and beverage company. Agthia offers a world-class portfolio of integrated businesses providing high-quality and trusted food and beverage products for customers and consumers across the UAE, GCC, Turkey, and the wider Middle East.

Newcastle University

Future Proofing the University for the Digital Age with SAP S/4HANA

SAP C/4HANA: How We Can Support You

Our expert consultants ensure seamless implementation of all the SAP C/4HANA solutions you need: from the former Gigya software now called SAP Customer Data Cloud, to the SAP Customer Experience solutions (formerly SAP Hybris solutions), to integration into your existing CRM systems.

As one of the first SAP partners for SAP Hybris and Gigya, we know the needs and challenges of today’s customer-focused business in B2B as well as in B2C. And we are at your side every step of the way of your IT project – worldwide.

Our experience with the implementation of SAP systems goes back 30 years. More than 10,000 customers worldwide use solutions that we have integrated. Our experts are available at locations in 25 countries, and our partnership with NTT DATA Group makes our network more powerful than ever.

NTT DATA Business Solutions has been a regional SAP Hybris Gold Partner since 2017.

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