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Effective drug serialization to ensure global compliance and patient safety

Secure and Efficient Drug Serialization with SAP ATTP

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) is an innovative serial number management solution built for pharmaceutical companies to label and track products with serial numbers. It minimizes the costs of maintaining compliance and supports a secure supply chain.

Internationally governments are increasingly enacting legislation to combat the falsification of drugs. Compliance with these complex legislative systems requires efficient serialization of drugs with subsequent reporting to governmental and institutional databases, and a secure data flow with supply chain partners.

To achieve compliance, pharmaceutical companies must maintain a well managed serialization repository, which can handle a high data volume, integrate with Master Data and Business Transactions and provide internationally compliant reporting.

NTT DATA Business Solutions provides the SAP Advanced Track and Trace solution for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences organizations globally, making serialization secure.

SAP ATTP is an innovative serial number management solution built for pharmaceutical companies.

Why SAP ATTP Is Important for Your Business

SAP Advanced Track and Trace encompasses a series of features that provide essential infrastructure for pharmaceutical compliance. Your business needs these to safeguard its processes.

Key features:

  • Regulatory reporting interfaces & content
  • The only out-of-the-box ERP integration solution on the market
  • 21CFR Part 11 / EU Annex 11 Compliance

Our SAP ATTP integration enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure uniquely identifiable packaging. This facilitates traceability, prevents counterfeiting and enhances patient safety.

The solution assists manufacturers in printing unique data elements in 2D barcode and human readable format for packaging, and to report serialization data to relevant regulatory bodies and supply chain partners.


The Benefits of SAP ATTP

Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing prescriptive drugs face multiple consistent challenges which SAP ATTP helps handle efficiently:

  • Staying compliant in serialization
  • Efficiently managing drug serialization numbers
  • Integrating serialization into logistics and warehouse processes and systems
  • Exchanging serialization data with business partners
  • Robustly manage increasing data volumes as a result of serialization

Implementation of SAP ATTP can be undertaken in a cost-effective manner with tailored training resources. It is far more efficient than a non-SAP (cloud) product, with intuitive user features.

SAP ATTP shares several common functionalities with SAP ERP, such as authorization management. SAP ATTP and SAP ERP also share a native integration concept. Master data and transactional data are integrated with out-of-the-box functionality. This is not possible with non-SAP products, which require custom interface development.

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The only solution capable of fully integrating serialization processes into your existing business protocols

Seamless Integration with our SAP ATTP Warehouse Integration Accelerator Add-On

Our Warehouse Integration Accelerator provides out-of-the-box enhancements and technical building blocks to simplify and accelerate the implementation of integrated serialization processes in SAP’s WM and EWM solutions.

Our add-on provides an extensive framework to integrate a range of ATTP scanning protocols, such as decommissioning, loading and repacking. It also provides numerous highly efficient tools which assist in other serialization related activities, such as receiving serialized materials from intercompany plants and verifying returned items.

Key benefits include:

  • Extensive ATTP integration framework adaptable to specific warehouse requirements
  • A well-proven solution already implemented by several pharmaceutical clients
  • GDP compliant documentation


What is SAP ATTP in a nutshell?

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) is a serial number management solution built for pharmaceutical companies to label and track products with drug serialization numbers.

What are the key benefits that SAP ATTP provides?

SAP ATTP minimizes the costs of maintaining compliance and a secure supply chain. It includes regulatory reporting interfaces and content, to help clients stay 21CFR Part 11 / EU Annex 11 compliant.

In which scenarios do companies utilize SAP ATTP?

Manufacturers of prescription drugs utilize SAP ATTP to ensure that each package they produce can be uniquely identified to enable traceability, prevent counterfeiting and secure patient safety. This also supports the serialization processes of other parties in the supply chain, including wholesalers, distributors and third-party logistics suppliers.

The extension of serialization requirements into other markets, such as animal health and food, has expanded the need for comprehensive solutions in these industries, and NTT DATA Business Solutions has experience here too.

What makes an SAP product ideal as a track and trace solution?

SAP updates in response to constantly changing regulations and provides ongoing product improvements for SAP ATTP. SAP also provides a framework to integrate complex operational warehouse processes.

What challenges does SAP ATTP help pharmaceutical companies overcome?

  • Drug serialization compliance
  • Efficient serial number management
  • Integrating serialization processes with logistics and warehouse systems
  • Exchanging serialization data with business partners

Why Choose an SAP Product for Track and Trace?

SAP proactively monitors global serialization requirements and is in contact with regulatory bodies to ensure that the solution is adapted in time to meet future deadlines. These SAP ATTP feature packs contain product improvements and new regulatory updates.

In addition to the native integration with the SAP ERP system, SAP also provides a framework to integrate complex operational warehouse processes for drug manufacturers. NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed an accelerator to incorporate serialization processes into logistical processes.

With NTT DATA Business Solutions’ SAP ATTP integration, customers create robust serialization systems which ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and enhance patient safety.

SAP ATTP can work as a standalone or as an extension to SAP ERP. Whether it concerns the exchange of master or transactional data, SAP ATTP makes it possible. Special country packs simplify communication with government agencies. This means you do not have to worry about ever-changing legislation and regulations.

SAP ATTP Main Features

  • Supporting serialization strategy
  • Reporting events
  • Integration with ERP, warehouse management systems, and packaging lines
  • Tracking and tracing serial numbers
  • Tracing batches
  • Consulting reports
  • Communicating with external partners and regulatory bodies

Serialization Made Easy - With NTT DATA Business Solutions

We have vast experience with SAP software and fully understand the complexities of pharmaceutical compliance. Serialization is a topic that holds no mysteries for us. SAP ATTP customers acquire a robust serialization system which helps to comply with both current and future regulatory requirements and enhances patient safety.

Djerry Tervoort, Serialization Lead & SAP Expert, Life Sciences & Chemicals

NTT DATA Business Solutions specializes in SAP ATTP integration.

Why Use NTT DATA Business Solutions for SAP ATTP Integration?

Our consultants have over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. They are familiar with all aspects of serialization, both with the legislation and regulations and with the processes and systems that are required for compliance.

We don’t just implement SAP ATTP, we help our customers with a full serialization strategy to optimize and extend their existing workflow, enabling them to focus on their core business whilst ensuring their serialization solutions  are ready for whatever the future holds.

We specialize in the following areas of SAP ATTP:

  • ERP & Warehouse integration
  • Manufacturing Integration
  • Business Partner Integration
  • Regulatory Reporting

By assisting you in building a secure supply chain, we help you to ensure patient safety. Reach out to us via our contact form for more information or to arrange a dedicated SAP ATTP workshop.

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How Our SAP ATTP Integration Stands Out

  • Lower cost for compliance: With SAP ATTP, your business is prepared for both current and future serialization requirements such as the obligation to report by country.
  • Optimal integration: Easily integrate master and transactional data in existing processes for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and warehousing.
  • Large storage capacity: Secure large data volumes consisting of objects, events, and transactions for further analysis.
  • More efficient supply chain: Provide insight into movements in the supply chain, down to the level of a single package.
  • Scalability: Process large quantities of serialization data and always be prepared for new legislation and regulations.
  • Communication: Share data with Market Authorization Holders and Contract Manufacturing Organizations via the SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences (SAP ICH).
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