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The quick self-service for forgotten SAP passwords – Password Management Simplified

With our SAP-certified, self-service solution, Password Management Simplified, SAP users gain independence. They can reset their passwords on-premise, remotely, or via mobile devices. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, Password Management Simplified offers round-the-clock availability, ensuring access 24/7.

Streamline your workflow: Simplify SAP password management

Eliminate 25% of Help Desk requests with our self-service password solution Password Management Simplified. Empower SAP users for immediate productivity and free your support team to focus on critical tasks.

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Discover how the password self-service supports your employees – easy, fast and at all times.


Enhances user convenience and reduces downtime due to forgotten or lost passwords


Seamlessly integrates with your SAP systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of use

Built on SAP cloud platform

Guarantees robust performance, scalability, and security

Zero investment

Offers a monthly subscription based on usage and is free to install

Always available everywhere

Ensures accessibility on-premise and remotely on all devices

Employee self-service

Empowers users to request an SAP password reset on-premise, remotely, or using any mobile device

Password Management Simplified works secure, comfortable and simple

High security level
Cloud and IT Security Data Center
  • All data is stored inside your on-premise system
  • Validation based on your master data
  • All communication runs over https and no clear data is transmitted
  • Authentication using X.509 client certificates
  • All communication is isolated in a multiple-tenant setup
Easy and comfortable technical run
Two team mates make plans.
  • Get up and running within 1 hour
  • Integration using standard SAP BAPI
  • Front-end developed in SAP UI5
  • Each tenant has its own designated URL
  • Can be connected to multiple on-premise systems
  • Cloud-based – full scalability and no implementation or transports
  • Mobile ready with SAP Fiori
Simple paying method
  • Monthly subscription model
  • Based on usage
  • Free to install

Password Management Simplified is remarkably user-friendly, enabling employees to reset their SAP passwords anytime, anywhere, without needing any help. This simplicity is a game-changer for efficiency and productivity.

Niels Qvarfot Product Manager, NTT DATA Business Solutions A/S

Fast self-service for SAP passwords instead of Help Desk

Make it easier for all employees to deal with forgotten SAP passwords and locked SAP accounts – with the self-service tool Password Management Simplified.

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This is why Password Management Simplified is the most helpful password support for all your employees.


Saved Help Desk resources

1-2 min.

For resetting a password

Do you want to support your employees with this fast SAP password self-service?