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Inspire and Engage Your Customers in Sales Pitches - with it.product catalog

How can you use your sales pitches as a platform to inform and convince your customers? The best way to achieve this is with an attractive and powerful product presentation as part of your e-commerce strategy. Printed catalogs are an outdated method to meet this purpose.

Imagine you want to present your product portfolio or a demo video to your customer. Wouldn’t it be great, if it was as easy in a one-to-one conversation, as it is via an online store?

Take Your Sales Pitch to the Next Level

Our specifically developed digital solution, it.product catalog, includes all the functions you are already familiar with from online shops – and even provides them offline as well. Thanks to the mobile feature, your field sales representatives have everything they need for a perfect customer meeting, including technical information, images, prices, and videos.

In no time at all, sales representatives can compare products, present suitable complementary items, and create favorites lists as well as shopping baskets. Without any paperwork, they are able to record successes directly as opportunities, quotes, or orders via the shopping basket in the backend system. All of this contributes toward you implementing an effective e-commerce strategy.

How to Create Fascinating, Unforgettable Customer Experiences

it.product catalog & SAP Cloud Platform - an Unrivalled Team
it.product catalog & SAP Cloud Platform - an Unrivalled Team

Learn more about our quick, mobile and integrated digital sales solutions and offer your customers what they want - unique experiences.

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Act Fast and Stay Ahead of the Competition

In modern business, it is vital for sales representatives that they are able to provide prospective customers with all product information when needed – both online and offline.

Robin Hartmann, Business Development Manager - Innovation & Portfolio, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

How Well-Equipped Are You for Sales?

  • Does your sales tool support you optimally?
  • Do you have all customer data always at hand?
  • Do you already process opportunities and orders automatically?
  • Is your mobile sales solution seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape?
  • Does your sales team have all necessary technical resources to present your full range of products and services to the customer – in real time and on site?

If the answer to any of the above is “no”, you might like to take a look at it.product catalog. This mobile solution enables you to shape your sales pitches in a much more conclusive and successful way.

it.product catalog: Your Business Advantages at a Glance

Persuasive Customer Presentations

Online stores shape our research and buying behavior. Your customers expect product presentations that quickly provide all important information at a glance and in addition, allow a direct product comparison with similar products from you. With it.product catalog, you have product-related images, graphics, texts, brochures, and videos at hand. In this way, you can show your customers all product benefits and bring the conversation to a successful closing.

All Information Always at Hand

Before a meeting with your customer, you can review all important data related to ongoing contracts, purchasing history, and other relevant topics – online or offline. In addition, you are able to create customer-specific memos and favorites lists. In doing so, you ensure you are best prepared for your sales meeting.

Automatic Sales Pipeline

Sales success without paperwork: When the deal is done, you can initiate the order directly in the tool. And, you can transmit opportunities and leads directly to your central sales office, as well.

A Seamlessly Integrated Mobile Solution

Connect your ERP system, your CRM solution, or your online store easily to the it.product catalog. By doing so, you benefit from seamless information flow across all sales-relevant processes, gain more transparency, and reduce administrative burden.

Well-Prepared for Every Sales Pitch with it.product catalog

it.product catalog: Main Features at a Glance

Multimedia Product Presentations

it.product catalog provides you with optimal support in your product presentation. Whether technical information, prices, supplementary brochures or high-resolution images and videos – together with your customer, you can see all product information directly on a mobile device. In addition, you can position other products via up- and cross-selling – which makes for a convincing pitch.

Always Prepared - Online and Offline

it.product catalog runs offline, too. Even without internet access, you can hold a successful product presentation and submit product and customer data while on site. In both the preparation phase and follow-up stage you have access to all product information and customer data within your reach – from master data to the latest offers and orders. With this, you are always well-prepared for every sales pitch. Advanced online features complete the solution, allowing you to search for customers, carry out simulations in the backend, and record orders, opportunities, and quotes.

Edit Information at Any Time and from Anywhere

Maintain and manage your master data about customers, contacts, and equipment from a single source via a user-friendly interface. You have access to real-time product information and customer data from your backend system at all times – from contact and order history, to sales order blocks as well as credit limits, and to outstanding invoices.

Product Comparisons, Memos, and Favorites Lists

With it.product catalog each sales representative can create customized memos or favorites lists which provides a comprehensive overview. In addition, quick access to product information, such as what the top products are, considerably simplifies operations.

Direct Creation of Sales Orders

Is a customer already interested in one of your products? Then it goes straight into the shopping cart. In no time, an opportunity, quote, or order is created in the backend. It’s just as easy as it is with Amazon and Co. In doing so, you significantly increase the efficiency of subsequent processes.

Seamless Integration into the ERP and CRM System

The it.product catalog can be connected to each backend system simply and quickly via web services. SAP ERP, SAP CRM and SAP C/4HANA Suite (formerly SAP Hybris Cloud) are already integrated by default. The backend acts as a data source for visits and customer data, as well as recording opportunities and quotes.

Seamless Integration into Your E-Commerce Shop

Already operating an online store? Use the standardized catalog format and integrate all information directly into it.product catalog. Thanks to the integration of it.product catalog into your e-commerce strategy, you have identical data both within the solution and on the online store. Don’t have an e-commerce strategy yet? Not a problem: Even without an online store you can use it.product catalog to your benefit. For example, catalog generation can be performed out of the PIM or ERP systems.

it.product catalog: How We Can Support You

The company behind it.product catalog is NTT DATA Business Solutions, one of the most successful international SAP consulting companies with more than 30 years of experience. We continuously develop our own solutions, working closely together with our clients. Several times a year, feature packs with new functions are released, which make the solution even more flexible.

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That's Why Numerous Customers Already Trust Us

To be precise: More than 6,000 worldwide. Next to our certification as SAP Platinum Partner, we are an official SAP Hybris Regional Gold Partner, and have won numerous SAP Pinnacle awards – a clear reflection of quality, leadership in technology, and customer proximity.

Our portfolio ranges from SAP consulting and licensing, to own SAP industry solutions, up to application management services and hosting. As a member of the NTT DATA group, we have leading-edge resources available to support you and provide thought leadership. And, with data centers located throughout the world, we deliver support wherever you need it.

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Hold First-Rate Product Presentations with Our Digital Product Catalog
Hold First-Rate Product Presentations with Our Digital Product Catalog

Is your sales able to provide your customers with all product information they need at any time and anywhere? Better decide for our AddOn it.product catalog and go digital.

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