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Mirakl launches an integrated marketplace application on SaaS platform for manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.

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Go Global in e-Commerce with Marketplace

Today, the retail industry and e-commerce are amongst the sectors that have been deeply impacted by digitalization and the changes in consumer behavior. The fact that retail industry is in contact with many other sectors by nature requires it to undergo continuous transformation. In addition to having such a dynamic environment, the necessity to adapt to the ever-changing competition in the sector and the need to offer a unique experience to consumers are also among the primary success factors in the local and global retail sector.

Mirakl Marketplace platform offers an easy-to-implement, integrated solution for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers engaged in e-commerce in today’s challenging environment. Thanks to the SaaS solution offered by Mirakl, you can achieve end-to-end automation of your marketplace operations regardless of whether you have a B2B or B2C business, and reach your global competition goals.

What are the Benefits of the Mirakl Marketplace?

  • Restructure sales channels to differentiate your product go-to-market strategies.
  • Stand out in local competition with language support in over 20 languages, translation addition feature, and multiple currencies.
  • Easily access sellers with a single click.
  • Facilitate catalogue integration with Mirakl catalog integration and Mirakl catalog management modules.
  • Monitor the performance of suppliers using hundreds of KPI's.
  • Configure automated business rules (SLA) using our quality module.
  • Follow supplier product transfers and define product content prioritization.

Capture Your Competitive Edge in B2C and B2B with Mirakl

Shorter Time to Market
Average Implementation Period from 3 to 6 months
Complete and Scalable Solution
Flexible API’s and streamlined market operations
Work with Our Team of Experts
Adopt best practices from experienced Project and Customer Success consultants

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Solution Brief
Marketplace for B2B Business Model

The secure and flexible architectural infrastructure offered by Mirakl enables you to take the lead and get ahead of your competitors in your B2B e-commerce processes.


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Mirakl helps leading retailers set up their marketplace platforms

With over 300 customers in 40 countries worldwide, Mirakl helps organizations develop, grow faster and gain competitive advantages in the market. Please visit the link to learn more about Mirakl’s customers and success stories worldwide.

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