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Student Lifecycle Management an der TU Berlin mit

The Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) has chosen to use itelligence’s “” solution to introduce the SAP Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM) system throughout its faculties. As a result, over 32,000 students, teaching staff and administrative staff will benefit from a user-friendly campus management system that will make academic affairs much easier to handle and significantly reduce the administration workload. The new system is part of the university’s ongoing digitalisation strategy, and places its core processes of study and teaching on course for the “TU 2020” initiative.

The SAP Student Lifecycle Management applications gives the approximately 32,000 students at the university a convenient way of managing their course and monitoring their study progress. It covers all university processes, from application and registration, through planning out the course, registering for exams, and viewing exam results, right up to graduation.

Michael Jeschke, SLM Project Manager at the TU Berlin, said, “By introducing an integrated campus management system, we aim to provide students, teaching staff and admin personnel with the information they need on the spot and provide them with centralised access to user-friendly administrative processes in a way that fulfils the individual requirements of each user group.”

The itelligence solution offers teaching staff at the TU Berlin an uncomplicated way of planning modules and lectures, and managing and publishing exam results electronically using a self-service system. For administrative personnel, it means that various student management stations, such as the application process, feedback and exam management, can all be managed completely via the system. Students will also have access to a modern, mobile-friendly version of the system.

“’’ is one of the most modern campus management systems available today, and we are proud that it will soon be up and running at the TU Berlin – a true trailblazer for efficient administration,” declared Katja Linnemann, Campus Management, itelligence AG. One element of the project was particularly important to her: “The user interfaces and operating concept for ‘’ are very focused on user-friendliness. We wanted to ensure that the new system was right for the students and would gain a high level of acceptance among them.”

Following the launch, the exam management and student management modules will be introduced over the course of several further phases. The TU Berlin’s own solution for optimised lecture planning has also been factored into the overall concept. Another challenge that the university hopes to master with the aid of itelligence as part of this project is the parallel introduction of SAP ERP within the overall “Campus Management TU Berlin” program.