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itelligence publishes key figures for fiscal 2014


  • Significant increase in revenues of 21.8% to MEUR 556.8 in 2014
  • EBIT of MEUR 22.8 in 2014 after MEUR 22.2 in previous year
  • Headcount stands at 4,140 as at December 31, 2014
  • Forecast for 2015: Revenues to increase to more than MEUR 600 with EBIT margin of over 5%


Bielefeld, January 22, 2015 – itelligence AG concluded fiscal year 2014 with strong growth in revenues and a slight increase in operating earnings. Revenues rose by 27.9% from MEUR 135.3 to MEUR 173.1 in the fourth quarter. In fiscal year 2014 as a whole, itelligence increased its revenues by 21.8% from MEUR 457.1 to MEUR 556.8, thus considerably surpassing the revenue target of more than MEUR 500. This increase was attributable to further substantial organic growth (+8.1%) as well as the revenue growth resulting from newly acquired companies in 2014 (+13.7%). Orders on hand at itelligence AG rose from MEUR 351.6 as at the end of 2013 to MEUR 563.5 as at December 31, 2014 (including orders on hand at GISA GmbH, in which itelligence acquired a majority interest in May 2014).

Herbert Vogel, CEO of itelligence AG, comments: “We are delighted with our company’s organic and non-organic revenue growth, which significantly outpaced market growth and enabled us to increase our market share. We intend to continue this performance in 2015.”

In the individual revenue areas, Consulting performed very positively, increasing its global revenues by 14.8% from MEUR 214.9 to MEUR 246.6. Revenues in the Outsourcing & Services division increased by 37.1% year-on-year, from MEUR 135.7 to MEUR 186.1. The Application Management division expanded substantially again, with revenues growing by 35.0% from MEUR 49.1 to MEUR 66.3. License business in fiscal year 2014 matched the previous year’s record level with revenues of MEUR 56.9.

In terms of geographical distribution, itelligence posted the highest percentage growth in DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland), which is also by far the largest segment. Revenues here climbed by 32.2% from MEUR 192.9 to MEUR 255.0, with Eastern Europe recording particularly strong revenue growth of 31.2% to MEUR 63.1 after MEUR 48.1 in the previous year. Revenues in Western Europe also increased significantly by 14.8%, from MEUR 104.7 to MEUR 120.2. The USA segment also put in a strong performance with growth of 6.5%, generating revenues of MEUR 107.0 as compared to MEUR 100.5 in the previous year. The Asia segment generated revenue of MEUR 7.0 in the past fiscal year after MEUR 7.1 in the previous year (-1.4%). Finally, revenues in the Other segment totaled MEUR 4.5, up 18.4% on the previous year’s level of MEUR 3.8.

Along with the increased revenues, itelligence also slightly improved its absolute earnings before taxes. This was mostly attributable to the strong fourth quarter, in which EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) rose by 24.5% from MEUR 9.8 to MEUR 12.2. The EBIT margin of 7.0% was only slightly lower than in the highly profitable fourth quarter of 2013, when it had reached 7.2%. For the year as a whole, EBIT thus rose by 2.7% from MEUR 22.2 in the previous year to MEUR 22.8 in 2014. EBIT in fiscal year 2014 was impacted by non-recurring expenses for acquisitions in the amount of MEUR 1.6 (previous year: MEUR 0.9). Owing to the significant rise in revenues, the EBIT margin fell from 4.9% to 4.1%.

Norbert Rotter, CFO of itelligence AG, comments: “In recurring business in particular, we generated strong growth of 36.5%. This was largely attributable to the acquisition of GISA GmbH. One key goal in 2015 will be to sustainably increase profitability. We plan to make substantial investments in our business model to expand our global market position further so as to take account of the change to cloud computing.”

In view of itelligence AG’s high level of orders on hand and its clear market positioning, the Management Board anticipates further revenue and earnings growth in fiscal year 2015. Revenues are expected to reach more than MEUR 600 in 2015, while in terms of earnings an EBIT margin of over 5% is anticipated.

Further figures and details can be found in the Annual Report 2014, which will be published on March 31, 2015.