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itelligence AG reports very good first half of 2015

itelligence AG has had a very good first half of 2015 in terms of both revenues and earnings. Revenues climbed by 35.9% to MEUR 322.8 after MEUR 237.5 in the same period of the previous year. This rise is due to both organic growth (19.7%) and the companies acquired last year (16.2%). Orders on hand climbed by 81.2% to MEUR 637.7 as of June 30, 2015 (June 30, 2014: MEUR 351.9).

Herbert Vogel, CEO of itelligence AG, said: “Both our excellent figures and our raised forecast show how well the first half of the year went. We are currently experiencing a great deal of success in our core areas especially. And naturally the successful takeover of GISA GmbH is also reflected in our figures. Our national and international positioning has improved not least thanks to the targeted acquisitions of recent years.”

In the revenue divisions, Consulting revenues increased significantly by 30.8% from MEUR 110.8 to currently MEUR 144.9. License business also saw a strong rise with revenue growth of 30.3% from MEUR 17.5 to MEUR 22.8. Revenues in Outsourcing & Services rose by 51.7% from MEUR 78.6 in the previous year to MEUR 119.2. Revenues in Application Management climbed by 16.5% from MEUR 30.3 to MEUR 35.3.

In terms of geographical distribution, itelligence again saw a particularly strong rise in revenues in its largest segment, Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH). Revenues here were up by 51.5% at MEUR 151.8 after MEUR 100.2 in the previous year. Western Europe also generated substantial growth in revenues of 21.9%, from MEUR 55.7 to MEUR 67.9 in the first six months. In Eastern Europe itelligence increased its revenues by 12.7% from MEUR 28.3 to MEUR 31.9.

The US segment also put in an excellent performance with growth of 34.7%, generating revenues of MEUR 64.1 after MEUR 47.6 in the previous year. The Asia segment posted revenues of MEUR 5.0 in the first half of 2015 after MEUR 3.3 (up 51.5%) in the same period of the previous year. Finally, the Other segment was just short of the previous year’s level at MEUR 2.1 (previous year: MEUR 2.4).

itelligence AG also improved its earnings very significantly, with EBIT climbing to MEUR 11.4 in the first six months of 2015, more than triple the previous year’s amount (MEUR 3.2). The EBIT margin was 3.5% as against 1.4% in the first half of the previous year. EBITA also climbed substantially to MEUR 14.6 after MEUR 4.9 in the previous year. The EBITA margin improved to 4.5% after 2.1% in the same period of the previous year.

Norbert Rotter, CFO of itelligence AG, said: “In 2015 we are forecasting double-digit growth in nearly all our national companies. itelligence is therefore expanding its position as the world’s leading SAP partner. After these good figures for the first half of the year we also expect to meet our earnings targets.”

The Board of Management is raising its forecast for 2015 as a whole and is now anticipating revenues of between MEUR 640 and MEUR 650 (previously more than MEUR 600) and an EBIT margin of more than 5%.