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itelligence AG publishes figures for first nine months of 2015

itelligence AG continued its highly positive performance of the year to date in the third quarter of 2015, with revenues and earnings figures continuing to rise significantly. Thus, revenues climbed by 29.5% to MEUR 497.0 after MEUR 383.7 in the same period of the previous year. This increase is based on both organic growth (18.7%) and the companies acquired in the past year (10.8%). Revenues include GISA GmbH’s contribution of MEUR 67.5. Orders on hand climbed by 8.5% to MEUR 627.7 as of September 30, 2015 (September 30, 2014: MEUR 578.5).

Herbert Vogel, CEO of itelligence AG, said: “Even after the third quarter, 2015 is still an extremely good year in which we have increased our revenues significantly and seen a strong improvement in earnings figures. We are particularly pleased that all areas and regions have played a part in this positive performance and all posted double-digit growth. This shows that itelligence is excellently positioned both in its regions and our business areas.”

In the revenue divisions, Consulting revenues increased significantly by 28.0% from MEUR 174.2 to currently MEUR 223.0. License business also saw a strong rise with revenue growth of 30.9% from MEUR 31.1 to MEUR 40.7. Revenues in Outsourcing & Services rose by 36.9% from MEUR 131.2 in the previous year to MEUR 179.6. Revenues in Application Management climbed by 13.1% from MEUR 46.5 to MEUR 52.6.

In terms of geographical distribution, itelligence again saw a particularly strong rise in revenues in its largest segment, Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH). Revenues here were up by 36.0% at MEUR 232.8 after MEUR 171.2 in the previous year. Western Europe likewise generated substantial growth in revenues of 25.1%, from MEUR 84.5 to MEUR 105.7 in the first three quarters. In Eastern Europe itelligence increased its revenues by 14.1% from MEUR 43.2 to MEUR 49.3.

The US segment also put in an excellent performance with growth of 28.1%, generating revenues of MEUR 98.1 after MEUR 76.6 in the previous year. The Asia segment posted revenues of MEUR 8.0 in the first nine months of 2015 after MEUR 5.2 (up 53.8%) in the same period of the previous year. Finally, the Other segment was just over the previous year’s level at MEUR 3.1 (previous year: MEUR 3.0).

itelligence AG also improved its earnings very significantly, with EBIT climbing to MEUR 20.6 in the first nine months of 2015, virtually double the previous year’s amount (MEUR 10.6). The EBIT margin was 4.2% as against 2.8% in the same period of the previous year. EBITA also climbed substantially to MEUR 25.8 after MEUR 13.6 in the previous year. The EBITA margin improved to 5.2% after 3.5% in the same period of the previous year.

Norbert Rotter, CFO of itelligence AG, said: “In 2015 we will easily achieve one of our priority goals – that of significantly improving our earnings figures. itelligence is benefiting from its customers’ investments in the digitization of their processes and business models.”

The Board of Management is raising once again its forecast for 2015 as a whole and is now anticipating revenues of between MEUR 660 and MEUR 680 and an EBIT margin of more than 5%.