Savcan Textile Group sets out on the digital transformation journey with itelligence.

Digital transformation accelerates in the capital of textile! 

Bursa-based Savcan Textile Group has set out on the digital transformation journey with itelligence.

Based in Bursa, the capital of textile, Savcan Textile Group operates in clothing textile and ready-made clothing industry since 1950. The Group has completed its digital transformation journey with the consultancy of itelligence, a business partner of SAP, the world’s leading business intelligence software.

Savcan Textile Group manufactures an average of 2 million meters of fabric and 600 thousand pieces of clothing every month. With the SAP project, customer relations, finance & accounting, quality management functions as well as weaving, dye & print, ready-made clothing units of the group have been integrated, ensuring easy end-to-end management. Implemented in one year only, the system enables executives to have easy access to high-quality information, while also simplifying and accelerating decision-making and business processes and ensuring extensive performance management.

Savcan Textile Group Information Systems Manager Ayfer Doğru says: “Much has changed in our lives in the last 25 years. Unlike the past, the first provision of success and leadership in today’s business world where we face intense competition is to quickly adapt to the changing conditions. Therefore, we have set out to integrate all our platforms of weaving, print and ready-made clothing and to extend digital transformation to all processes. We are very happy to implement this strategy with the partnership of itelligence, an expert in its area.”

In addition, itelligence Head of PMO Davut Özdemir comments on the project as follows: “Digitalization is an inevitable part of both daily and business lives. It is almost impossible to imagine an industry or a business process that is not affected by digitalization. In all industries, from agriculture to sports, automotive, energy, finance, and retail, we feel various effects of digitalization. Automotive is one of the most quickly-digitalized industries and textile is rapidly catching up. We are happy to accompany the digital transformation journey of Savcan Textile Group, one of the most important companies in the textile industry of Bursa, a city that acts as the capital of both industries. We have employed our experience in the textile industry and our expertise on Industry 4.0 in the business processes of Savcan Textile Group that has been actively operating in Turkey and in many areas of Europe with 900 employees for 60 years. Thanks to this project, the company can be managed from a single point thanks to a simple and effective system.”

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