Norm Holding sets off on its digital transformation journey with itelligence

With an innovative approach and experience-based product development infrastructure, Norm Holding is the leading manufacturer of fasteners in Turkey and among the top five in Europe. Having quadrupled its production capacity in the last 10 years, the company selected itelligence as its strategic solution partner in its digital transformation journey. With a special emphasis on automotive and white goods, the company operates in a number of industries, from furniture to construction and machinery, for 44 years. Thanks to end-to-end SAP services provided by itelligence, Norm Holding will simplify its IT infrastructure and manage all business processes and 9 production facilities from a single center. When the digital transformation project is completed in January 2019, the latest solutions of SAP will be commissioned, business processes will be simplified, and there will be significant increase in efficiency.

Kamil Başaran, Norm Holding CEO, comments on the project as follows: “We have always been the leader of the fasteners industry since the day we were founded. We serve major brands of the automotive industry, such as Ford, Volkswagen Group, AUDI, Porsche, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Fiat, Renault, Toyota, Volvo, Scania, and PSA. We attach great importance to this project particularly as a global player that manufactures original equipment. Adopting a mindset of perfect supply chain management throughout the project, we will create the integrated platform we have targeted for our manufacturing and sales companies located in Salihli, İzmir, Germany, and France. Our internal customers, i.e. our employees, who are as valuable to us as our external customers, will also adopt indispensable changes in their ways of doing business by using “SuccessFactors”, the digital human resources platform, as a part of the integrated system. We have included not only white-collar employees, but also our operators in this process. As the most important factor in institutionalization and restructuring process, no person could ever be left out during digitalization. More than 2,000 employees will experience digital and cloud applications of processes such as Performance Management, Training and Employment. We know that digital transformation is inevitable in protecting our competitive edge and supporting our strategic decisions with a strong infrastructure. Together with our employees, we will build SAP projects for all processes in our strategy map that will build the future of Norm Holding. We are happy to work with itelligence, one of the biggest and most professional solution partners of SAP, in this project.”

itelligence Turkey CEO Abdülbahri Danış, PhD, said: “There is strong investment in technology both globally and in Turkey. Currently, concepts such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence shape our lives and business processes. Therefore, digital transformation is a very important step for all companies in realizing their visions of the future. We are very proud and happy to be the solution partner of Norm Holding, the leading manufacturer and exporter of its industry with sales to 30 countries, in the journey to shape the future.”



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