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How can I rapidly and successfully realize innovation?


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Innovation is the key to not only success in the market but also durability. Only innovative businesses can make sure that they can weather the rapid changes of digital evolution and the fluid changes of customer relationships via social media and mobile marketing. Innovation is the evolutionary advantage for today’s businesses.

But how can you ensure the foundation for innovation? How can you create an environment that fosters creativity and enhances the realization of ideas?

1. Be flexible

Innovation requires mobility and flexibility to change directions and try new ones if necessary. Cloud solutions enable you and your company to adapt to new developments due to the scalability of this new technology. Additionally, you can reach your customers, partners and suppliers in new ways and make sure they can reach you whichever way they prefer. Need all your data on the go? Thanks to the cloud you’re taking your desk with you wherever you are.

According to a study by Oxford Economics, 74% of business and IT executives believe that innovation happens somewhat or mostly through the use of cloud technologies.

2. Be fast

Whether it is data analysis or traffic demands, the cloud helps you react immediately to changes on the market, in customer behavior and with work demands. Cloud technologies can give you the fastest workflows, reports and reaction times that you and your customers desire. You want processes to be faster? You want analysis now and not tomorrow? You don’t have to wait for your ideas to take shape if you use the cloud.

Adapt to change faster than ever before.

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3. Be intuitive

Big Data is the currency of today’s market. As much as innovation is the key to success, information is key to innovation. But Big Data needs to be turned into smart data to fully realize its potential. Cloud solutions can help to speed up analysis but also to give data a direction. If you know about your customer’s behavior and the evolution of the market, you can foresee future trends and movements and you can adapt your business towards them. Use cloud technology to give your intuition a foundation.

The digital world makes way for new opportunities

How can you explore new markets and opportunities in the speed of light? Our DANONE success story shows you how the company gained consumer-friendly applications with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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In the next blogpost, we will explore how Cloud will help to facilitate the transformation of data quickly into essential business insights.

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