Time to Level Up Your Customer Experience with SAP C/4HANA

Adapt to market demands and the empowered customer with an omnichannel experience and customer-centric model based on the SAP C/4HANA portfolio.

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Customer Experience Today – Let’s Cut to the Chase.

In the past you had weeks to close a deal. Today, it might only take 60 seconds – and if you haven’t convinced a customer in this time, you lose out.

So, what can you do to keep their attention?

A consistent experience no matter the device, personalized content and offers, multiple payment and delivery options across every channel: If you can impress your customers and be relevant to them, you create the chance to build strong, long-term customer relationships.

It’s high time for a truly integrated, outstanding customer experience.

Discover in our Buyer’s Guide how SAP C/4HANA and NTT DATA Business Solutions services can help you secure your customers:

Marketing Cloud - Engage with Relevance

Today, it’s all about knowing what the customer wants even before they do. You need a reliable, in-depth profile for each of your customers to create targeted one-on-one campaigns. Evaluating every marketing activity in real time can help you make fast and accurate decisions about campaigns and continuously adapt to customer interests. See how you can personalize your marketing to the customer for the long run with SAP Marketing Cloud.

Solution Brief: SAP Marketing Cloud
Solution Brief
Solution Brief: SAP Marketing Cloud
Solution Brief: SAP Marketing Cloud

Sales Cloud - Convince with Knowledge

Customers today know as much or even more than your sales team. You therefore need detailed insights into your portfolio as well as your customers themselves to make relevant offers and convince them to buy. With data like purchase histories and customer preferences you can personalize sales tactics and maintain customer relationships. With information on products they already have, or agreements made by your colleagues, you make sure they receive the best possible experience and also save valuable time. Find out how to speed up sales cycles with less effort and build relationships that last with SAP Sales Cloud.

Solution Brief: SAP Sales Cloud
Solution Brief
Solution Brief: SAP Sales Cloud
Convince with Knowledge

Commerce Cloud - Deliver with Omnichannel

In B2B and B2C, omnichannel is the new standard. Customers expect a convenient and intuitive experience no matter when or at which touchpoint they reach your company. You need to deliver a unified, high-quality experience across all channels whether online or in store. Make your way in today’s complicated market with SAP Commerce Cloud – a feature-rich platform that provides end-to-end commerce processes and real-time analytics.

Solution Brief: SAP Commerce Cloud
Solution Brief
Solution Brief: SAP Commerce Cloud
Deliver with Omnichannel

Service Cloud - Support with Ease

From first contact to billing, your customers expect excellent service on-demand – every time, everywhere – whether via call center, social media, or technical on-site support. Your service team needs to have instant access to customer information in order to offer a service that meets the needs of today’s customers. Be prepared to serve them quickly and effectively with SAP Service Cloud.

Solution Brief: SAP Service Cloud
Solution Brief
Solution Brief: SAP Service Cloud
Support with Ease

IT Perspective - Free Yourself with Managed Services

Alongside a high-performing, stable IT environment your colleagues demand constant innovation. While implementing new solutions puts stress on your department, adapting to the market is crucial to survive. Harmonize your IT landscape with an intuitive suite like SAP C/4HANA and allow managed services do the mundane work to give your team more time for innovation.

Solution Brief: SAP C/4HANA
Solution Brief
Solution Brief: SAP C/4HANA
Free Yourself with Managed Services

The Buyer's Guide 'Customer Experience'

Understand the value and potential of SAP Customer Experience in our Buyer’s Guide. Deep market insights, key feature lists and FAQs explained by our NTT DATA Business Solutions experts will help you learn how you can better engage your customers.

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Sneak Preview - Customer Experience Buyer's Guide

Customer Experience: What's New?

Previously called SAP Hybris, SAP Customer Experience offers the SAP C/4HANA suite to assist enterprises in improving the customer experience they offer. The suite enables leaders in sales, commerce, marketing, customer service, and IT to better understand customers and keep their interest. Cloud-based solutions specifically designed for …

Considerations: Finding the Right Solutions to Transform Your Business

When choosing solutions for a modern customer experience, you need to consider which capabilities are relevant to you and your customers. For example, can the solutions provide autonomous data collection processes and support omnichannel commerce? Or do you need more focus on service support, such as making sure assistance is available at any time, even via social media …

SAP Marketing Cloud: Know What Customers Want Before They Do

A personal customer experience is no longer an advantage, it is a must. But this requires a wealth of data and advanced tools to create successful strategies. As part of SAP C/4HANA, SAP Marketing Cloud provides a basis for personalized marketing campaigns and ensures company branding and messaging is uniform across all channels. Using the solution…

SAP Sales Cloud: Transforming Your Sales Channels

In an increasingly connected world, a huge amount of information is available to consumers about your company, your products, and your competitors. Enterprises can no longer direct customers through traditional sales funnels but instead need to offer a seamless customer experience that combines multiple channels into one consistent, easy-to-use platform. SAP Sales Cloud includes many features…

SAP Commerce Cloud: Stay Consistent across All Channels

It is now standard practice that a customer is able to research products and availability online before entering your store, or order items online to pick up at their local branch. This requires a high level of interaction between front-office and back-office processes. SAP Commerce Cloud consolidates…

SAP Service Cloud: A Smart Customer-Centric Approach

Service today starts even before the customer makes a purchase, and customers expect to reach you on any channel – around the clock. Self-service forums, social media chatbots, in-app customer support – there are many more ways for customers to interact with you than traditional call centers. What’s more, in B2B, field service management needs to be as efficient as possible for your field engineers to provide the best service when at your customer’s site. SAP Service Cloud helps you…

IT & Data: Managing Complex Environments and Providing a Basis for Customer Centricity

In establishing a more personal experience for customers, real-time insights help you tailor strategies to reach customers more effectively. SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to centrally govern customer data and provides…

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Question: What’s the difference between SAP Customer Experience and SAP C/4HANA, and where does SAP Hybris come into play?

Answer: SAP Customer Experience, previously called SAP Hybris, is a brand of SAP. SAP C/4HANA is the complete software suite offered by SAP Customer Experience which consists of different modules for commerce, sales, customer service, marketing, and customer profile management.


Question: How does SAP C/4HANA fit into the SAP strategy?

Answer: SAP C/4HANA can be seen as the front-office counterpart to SAP S/4HANA, which deals with back-office processes. Both seamlessly integrate with each other into your IT landscape using standard interfaces provided by SAP, thereby fitting perfectly into the existing SAP world.


Question: I barely have enough IT resources to maintain my current landscape. How could I switch to SAP C/4HANA?

Answer: SAP C/4HANA is available on-premise and in the cloud, with a variety of hosting options, allowing customers to continue to maintain their existing landscape with ease. Furthermore, specialist partners like NTT DATA Business Solutions are available to implement different modules for you…

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