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Ansgar Weege | August 23, 2013

The SAP Workforce Performance Builder – documentation made easy

– written by Ansgar Weege, Consultant MM and WPB –

For some time I have been involved with the SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB), in customer projects and in work on the NTT DATA Business Solutions Academy with SAP. To sum it up very briefly, SAP WPB makes it possible to create and publish, in an uncomplicated fashion, documentations, training materials and work videos in the SAP system.

Workforce Performance Builder

From regular project work one gathers, of course, a certain amount of experience, and so when dealing with SAP WPB there are useful rules and functions, which can definitely make working with this program easier.

To begin: today, the five most important facts about WPB:

  • As with the screenplay for a film it is recommended to have a clear plan for the exact procedure before one begins with any recording. The dramaturgy of a transaction here is certainly less exciting or overwhelming than in a movie, but it still makes sense to think about what message the lesson is supposed to convey.
  • One should take her or his time with the recordings. For one thing the program requires a certain amount of processing time; also, less revision will be necessary.
  • The WPB works with the sensitivity of a mouse, so it is advisable to do without keyboard commands to the extent possible.
  • Originally the program was called “Datango”, but in 2012 it was acquired by SAP, at which time it was given the impressive name “Workforce Performance Builder”.
  • And the answer to the favorite question of numerous customers: No, the program cannot record its own interface or recording process.


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