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Take a Look into the Future of IT | WAKE UP II by NTT DATA

NTT DATA Business Solutions is part of the NTT Group. NTT DATA as global partner for innovations has launched a webseries that takes a look into the IT future and how it effects our lives. Here is NTT DATA´s take on the WAKE UP II videos.

We are NTT DATA – your global partner for innovation. Utilizing exponential technologies, we’ve powered the success of our clients since 1967. Yet, in collaboration with NTT DATA Business Solutions, we’re continually inspired by the future. WAKE UP II is our latest series of short films which reflects the true potential of data and the power of digital. We invite you into Adam’s world, in which man and machine cooperate to form effective digital solutions.

Technology Is Impacting All Aspects of Our Daily Lives: Both at Home and in the Workplace

After spending ten years in a coma, our protagonist finds himself in a key role at Asimov Corporation. He is tasked with spearheading his company’s effort in becoming a market leader. And, by accessing NTT DATA’s six key digital focus areas, he is able to draw from all of these interconnected elements to optimize his business operation. What’s more, he soon comes to realize the burgeoning potential of said technologies – and how his ‘everyday’ can benefit.

“Data Centers Are Becoming Data Cities”
In 2018, data centers were responsible for around 3% of global energy consumption. That number is expected to grow exponentially in coming years, due to the amount of data now stored in cloud infrastructure. Cloud transformation is an early milestone on the long digital journey.

Guided his cyber-assistant, Entity, Adam visits a metaphorical ‘data city’ and is awoken to the possibilities of well-orchestrated IT architecture. Tasked with modernizing and securing the legacy of his company, he soon learns how Asimov Corporation can increase scalability, flexibility, and efficiency by migrating to cloud infrastructure. Take a look for yourself:


“The future is here! The digital transformation will provide further opportunities for IT optimization. For example, AI or robotics will significantly improve the efficiency of IT services.”
Lars Janitz, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Managed Services, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

AI: Where Man Meets Machine
Overwhelmed by a huge number of projects and appointments, Adam relishes the organizational assistance that Entity can provide. Using a business automation plug-in, she relieves Adam of his stresses and gets him that all-important squash kit! Adam quickly learns how artificial intelligence can be trained and augmented to perform the tasks of a human and thus improve productivity and increase reliability.

“Successful automation deployment will allow companies to improve their productivity, reduce costs, and increase reliability.”
Harsh Vinayak, Senior Vice President, NTT DATA Americas

This fictional scenario has been realized by NTT DATA Business Solutions. Meet Pernille, the NTT DATA Business Solutions service robot:

A scenario that is today already palpable. Even when this videos are a look into the future the foundations are laid out today. But see for yourself what effect this automations has on Adam.

“Kindred Spirits”
One of the challenges that many of our clients are facing is identifying the most useful data, which best responds to their unique requirements. To utilize machine learning to improve predictive analytics is just one step, it needs to be put into action.

In this WAKE UP II short film Adam’s assistant displays her full capabilities to emulate human behavior. She explains that the way she operates hinges on the thought processes and behavior patterns of Adam. Adam is shocked by Entity’s encyclopedic knowledge of himself. She is able to extract information about his personal preferences.

This thesis can be extended to companies. Like NTT DATA Business Solutions demonstrates in the blog post about intelligent ERP systems recognition of patterns and predictions are possible already today with SAP. The next step is to make them accessible and put into action.    

Cloud data centers, AI freeing time for important work, and machine learning to amplify predictive analytics were the first 3 digital focus topics Adam leveraged to excel his company and personal live. In a second blog post we will be exploring the other three digital focus areas of WAKE UP II: Cyber security, customer experience, and Internet of Things. Stay tuned to see how Adam and Entity’s story progresses.