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Nicolaj Vang Jessen | June 21, 2021

RISE with SAP® – What it Means for Us and Our Customers


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RISE with SAP brings a new Business Transformation as a Service approach to the table. Find out what this means for you as our customer.

The developments of the past year once again have not only made clear the need for the digitization of company processes, in fact, they have also suddenly accelerated it. During this time, we saw intelligent enterprises clearly win at times when intelligent actions were required.

Companies that were able to make the right decisions with the help of analytics, scale their business with the help of the cloud and set a clear course in uncertain times, benefitted significantly. Those who weren’t there yet had to face setbacks.

To help companies gain the digital efficiency and flexibility needed, SAP launched “RISE with SAP”: a suite of services and products that is designed to accelerate the transformation into an intelligent enterprise.

In this article we explain to you what this initiative is about, how we approach it and what it means for you as our client.

RISE with SAP in a Nutshell

RISE is a direct response to one of the greatest business challenges of our time: namely the steady acceleration of change in all areas of trade – and the need for companies to be able to keep up. Recent developments have made it clear that quick digital adaptability and resilience is among businesses most important competitive advantages.

And to gain this capabilities you need three things:

  1. A technological offer that can support efficient company processes
  2. A cloud provider that offers the possibility to flexibly scale or downscale your business
  3. A strong partner who helps to keep everything together

This partner is us, NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Business Transformation as a Service

RISE with SAP is a Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) product that is intended to accompany and accelerate digital transformation step by step: starting with the evaluation of existing processes in order to optimize them for running on a new cloud-based infrastructure – which SAP automatically picks according to the customer’s individual needs. The options here include hyperscalers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The 5 Components of RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP consists of the selection of coordinated and central components that are absolutely essential for an ideal transformation process. Each of these components serves either as the basis for transformation or as a step towards becoming an intelligent enterprise:

  1. SAP S/4HANA Cloud access to utilize the company’s modular cloud ERP solution
  2. Business Process Intelligence to understand, visualize and transform your processes
  3. Technology Cloud Credits to integrate your technology, SAP or any other
  4. SAP Business Network Starter Pack to digitally connect with all your trading partners
  5. Embedded Tools and Services to ensure a smooth migration of your business to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud

The transformation can be done as a greenfield approach leaving legacy systems and processes behind, but the option of a brownfield migration to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud also exists now – so individual customer solutions and add-ons will continue to run smoothly in the cloud.

For the first time, individualization and scalable standardization come together in this matter.

But what does it actually take to implement RISE with SAP?

Rising to the Task – Our Pilot Project for Sespel

In April 2021, we launched a new transformation project for Sespel – the leading manufacturer of different-purpose automobile trailers in the Russian Federation. It is the first RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud project in the region – our pilot project, so to speak.

It includes the subscription to the SAP solution for five years as well as our consulting services that focused specifically on:

  • The implementation of an ERP based on it.S4DigitalCore and its integration with existing IT systems in 2021
  • The implementation of SAP’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud by 2022

So, what do we want to achieve within these two phases?

Meeting the Challenges of Modern Manufacturing

The product range of the Sespel company includes more than 150 models made with low alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys – it reaches from cement trucks to tanks for chemical products. The company also produces machine tools for mechanical engineering.

This means that the business system needs to support a wide range of complex processes and interrelations, which historically could make it difficult to gain the flexibility and adaptability needed in our times.

One of our main tasks is to resolve the limitations of legacy systems in handling processes related to manufacturing resources, production costs as well as accounting and planning. The expected results: the elimination of bottlenecks and profit transparency.

The overriding goal, however, is to significantly increase the profitability of sales and pave the way for Sespel’s ambitious growth targets, by making the processes surrounding their sales lean and efficient, and provide a flexible platform that can easily be scaled as sales increase.

The SAP platform is an ideal foundation for this kind of transformation. RISE can accelerate this process. We can steer it.

RISE with Us!

In close coordination with SAP, we create individual solutions based on RISE – tailor-made offers that further increase the value of this initiative for you.

To do this, we take individual components from the SAP portfolio – such as industry solutions, Add-Ons and specialized services – as well as products and services that we have developed ourselves, and then combine and individualize them for your needs. This is how we ensure that you receive a truly customized solution – to solve your specific challenges in your specific environment and thus generate the best possible value for you.

Our goal is to keep the great advantages of RISE, while adding new ones to the mix: you can rely on us as your sole contractual partner and avoid unnecessary complexity. In our subscription model we offer everything from advisory services and licensing over implementation and hosting to application management (AMS). Plus: On request, we also offer a multi-cloud approach or an AnyPremise approach.

All of this at your own pace, according to your requirements and within your budget.

Benefits for Existing and New Customers

The RISE initiative is another possibility for us to empower customers with the help of SAP solutions and meet their individual requirements and needs.

Together with our partner SAP, we can smooth the path of transformation for our existing customers. For our new customers, we can exploit the full potential of RISE and customize it where it leads to further advantages: with individually selected software and by designing an IT infrastructure based on your needs.



Whether you are already a customer or want to become one: talk to us – together we will find ways to make the most out of RISE with SAP for you!