NTT DATA Business Solutions
| February 27, 2017

The Modern Approach to Optimizing Your Workforce - Part 2

Part 2: Performance Management

The first part of this series highlighted how enterprises can effectively cascade their objectives in the modern workplace—with the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management solution. In Part 2, we explain why performance management is the key to getting the best out of the modern employee.

Putting Staff on the Right Path

Traditionally, bosses made employees aware of the organization’s objectives and then simply left them to their own devices. However, managers cannot always assume that their staff members are on the right track. While a degree of autonomy is generally desirable, too much could leave the company’s workforce feeling isolated, neglected, and uncertain.

In the modern working environment, ongoing performance tracking and a more hands-on approach are valued highly at both ends of the corporate ladder. And whereas decision makers previously rewarded top performers and dismissed underperformers, today they take a less reactive, more proactive, approach.

Train and Reward

Indeed, the priority nowadays is to ensure everyone is working to the same high standards. Managers should measure performance constantly, offering incentives to those who are hitting their targets—and training to those falling short. SAP SuccessFactors’ Performance Management module delivers a broad spectrum of functions. Together, these allow enterprises to give employees all the credit they deserve and support they require.

With the module’s 360 Degree Reviews feature, for example, managers can collect feedback on employee performance and behavior from within and outside the organization. Meanwhile, Goal Execution enables them to create digital agendas for checking in with staff directly. Status reports deliver regular updates on their progress, too.

Equipped with qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources, companies can provide targeted advice and frequent coaching to drive engagement and performance. Thanks to Performance Review Calibration, they also know who has earned a pay rise, bonus, or promotion.

The Key to Optimizing Your Workforce

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management gives businesses everything they need to get the best out of their staff—in the right way. Companies can count on the solution to help them effectively cascade corporate goals and review, drive, and reward performance.

Unlock your workforce’s potential and achieve more as a company—with NTT DATA Business Solutions and SAP SuccessFactors solutions, the leading cloud-based, HCM software.

For a concise overview of SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, take a look at this NTT DATA Business Solutions infographic.