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NTT DATA Business Solutions | April 13, 2015

Model Once, Configure Anywhere - hybris


In my blog on the hybris Partner Summit 2015 I have already mentioned hybris and the module SAP Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ), with which you can integrate the configuration of your products in your omni-channel strategy. For this purpose, you can reuse the variants configured in your SAP ERP as well as the well-kept dependencies and have access thereto from hybris.

In the consumer sector, variant configuration is also encountered in various situations, such as the configuration of iPads and laptops from online stores. Another application is the configuration of cars, which can be prepared immediately both graphically and in terms of price. But even in the B2B sector, for example, configurations of complex machines are on the agenda.

Key elements

With the combination of hybris and SAP CPQ, we offer you the opportunity to take your customers through guided selling, cross-selling and up-selling, so to speak “at hand”. Furthermore, customers can not only configure complex products, but also create holistic solutions for individual problem scenarios. When buying a laptop, for example, the customer could determine the base model, memory, and size of the hard disk during the configuration, choosing between SSD and HDD etc. At the end, the product will be individually assembled. Services such as extended warranties and service on site can still be sold separately.

During configuration, you support your customers across multiple channels and provide transparency and continuous processes. Let your customers configure the solutions which suit their needs themselves. The configuration can then be created automatically per SAP standard integration either as an order in your SAP ERP or as a request, and thus as a Lead in your Cloud for Customer (C4C). This results in the ability to integrate your configurable products seamlessly both in your SAP ERP and in your SAP C4C.


What added value does variant configuration bring?
Selling configurable products within your omnichannel strategy increases sales because the transit time of the order and the duration of the quotation processes can both be reduced significantly.

A larger proportion of self-service for customers and partners leads to lower costs in sales. By offering configurable products and solutions in addition to standard products with a lower margin, you can increase your profit margin.

You also reduce complexity for your customers who can quickly assemble the product which is best suited to their needs.

The feature is available as an add-on and integrates seamlessly into the Web Content Management System (WCMS), what already exists in hybris. This ensures that consistent maintenance of the website template can be managed via the WCMS.

Hybris and SAP ERP now have standardized integration. The central component of this is the product “hybris DataHub.” Hybris and SAP are increasingly working together strategically and creating new opportunities.

As hybris is more than “just” a web shop and all touches all touch points in sales and distribution, it is advantageous to exploit the full potential of hybris in the development of any omnichannel strategy. Variant configuration is a big step forward here. If you have any further questions on Variant Configuration with hybris, then do not hesitate to contact me.

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