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Simen Huuse | December 6, 2016 – Connect the Internet of Things Easily – Connect the Internet of Things Easily

Technology evolves at tremendous speed. In private life we have already learned to make use of smart devices and do not want to miss out on User Experiences that are as clear and user friendly. When you are thinking of your working environment in business, can your current system copes with the requirements of today? No, it cannot. And that is completely fine, because at the time these systems were designed, the scope of work was quite different.

It is time to count on new technology in order to drive success in the future. Be the windshield, not the bug.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gives Your Ideas Wings

I am sure you have lots of ideas on clever business cases to implement. The only gap to be filled is how to map them technically. SAP invested much time and effort on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. In this blog article I would like to pave the way to put your ideas into practice for the business success of tomorrow.

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform as Enabler for Live-Business

We are talking about a completely new designed architecture, a unique combination of Hardware and Software. And it comes with a web based development environment in order to connect the external world with your ERP system.

Connect Your Sensors – Internet of Things’ Little Friends

Next to the web based development environment the SAP HANA Cloud Platform offers “IoT Services” to onboard and manage the device on your individual IoT business case. These are namely the “Remote Device Management Service” (RDMS) and “Message Management Service” (MMS). The RDMS manages your connected devices and different message types while the MMS controls all messages that are shared between the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and the respective device interface.

Manual for Your Personal Internet of Things Prototype

In the upcoming blog article I will show you how to build your personal Internet of Things prototype within minutes. Besides, I will introduce you to my own tiny use case for inspiration.

About Simen

Simen is Norwegian native, currently stationed in Palo Alto, California. At NTT DATA Business Solutions he is a Senior Expert for Innovation and Technology and part of the Global Business Solution Team. He loves innovating with SAP tools, and has done so for over 10 years. He is enthusiastic about digitalization and what he and his international colleagues can produce in collaboration with our customers. Follow Simen on Twitter: @simenhuuse

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