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NTT DATA Business Solutions | March 30, 2017

How Ryan, the Perfect Recruit, Rapidly Climbs up the Career Ladder with SAP SuccessFactors


Always searching for the best talents? Unfortunately your competition as well. And, what’s more, growing globalization, skills shortage on one hand and more demanding, mobile and best-informed job applicants on the other, make recruiting bright talents even harder.

But despite circumstances getting tougher, there is no reason to despair and the solution is right on cue: SAP SuccessFactors.

This blog post will give you a short overview of SAP’s scalable cloud solution for talent management. See, how SAP SuccessFactors helps you to win, engage, and retain brightest talents – just like Ryan…

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The 4 Pillars, SAP SuccessFactors Is Based upon, which You Should Know

1. What’s about SAP SuccessFactors Core HR?

Core HR consists of two modules. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is a mobile core HR record system, combining HR transactions, processes and data with social collaboration. Employee Central Payroll manages your compensation system and provides automatic legal compliance. Being highly flexible and configurable, both modules can easily be adapted to all kind of processes and changing business needs.

2. What’s about SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management?

With its tools Recruiting, Onboarding, Learning, Performance & Goals, Compensation and Succession & Development, SAP SuccessFactors is the only solution that covers the whole recruit-to-retire process. And you can use each talent module independently in a way that fits your business best.

3. What’s about SAP SuccessFactors Analytics?

Workforce Analytics enables you to access, analyze, and report on all data crucial for your strategic success. You get concrete and actionable real-time insights on your workforce data to drive your company strategy today and tomorrow. With Workforce Planning you will avoid critical resource gaps in HR and secure that your workforce is ready for the future.

4. What’s about SAP SuccessFactors Social Collaboration?

SAP JAM, a social company network, provides customers, partners, and employees with a mobile platform to exchange views on applications and processes. To name just a few of SAP JAM’s many advantages: better contacts, information exchange, and external collaboration as well as social learning and onboarding.


More than ever, in times of digitization, HR plays a pivotal role in business strategy and your employees are the key assets for maintaining future business success. That’s why it’s so important that processes are aligned and consistent to win, engage and retain the best talents. Not without any good reason, SAP SuccessFactors is gaining popularity among many well-known organizations, like Heineken and Hyundai. With a comprehensive package of modular solutions, SAP SuccessFactors has all answers to your HR-related questions, no matter how large your company is.

These are the facts. But, since pictures say more than 1,000 words, let’s take a closer look at Ryan and how his success story could come true in your organization as well.

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