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Ulrich Meine | September 11, 2018

How Can Businesses Utilize Amazon Web Services Effectively?


Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables businesses to do more with their cloud platforms, such as making infrastructures more flexible. Despite being a powerful platform, AWS only comes with limited support services. This is where managed services can help companies of all sizes benefit from what AWS has to offer.

Enterprises are realizing that AWS provides them greater scalability for running and building any application in the cloud. Companies now view AWS as a viable production environment for SAP solutions. This has huge potential for improving operational efficiency at businesses, but also presents certain challenges – many of which can be overcome with the help of a managed service provider.

How Can You Use AWS to Its Full Potential?

A clear benefit of AWS is the scalable infrastructures that can be adjusted as and when required. Connecting with servers and installing applications is relatively straightforward. But customers are required to manage this themselves, which can be a challenge and time consuming. Businesses are responsible for planning network structures, security monitoring, backing up data, and controlling performance and capacity. For many companies, these tasks are a burden and consume internal resources. This is where a managed cloud partner, such as NTT DATA Business Solutions, adds real value to an enterprise.

Key Things to Consider When Opting for AWS

There are many considerations when using AWS. Maintaining complex cloud environments and running SAP systems requires expertise. This includes having standardized procedures in place for adapting cloud infrastructures that don’t cause service disruption. The same applies for backing up your data and ensuring it is secure, while your system runs reliably, and performance isn’t hindered. Additionally, companies should always be looking to optimize key aspects of their organization, including cybersecurity and data management.

Running SAP Applications on AWS

There are many benefits of using SAP on AWS rather than on premise, if an effective strategy is deployed. These include no hardware purchase costs, continuous release of new features, and SLA-driven support available 24/7, 365 days a year. All of this contributes to reducing the total cost of ownership of your cloud platform and making it run more efficiently.

Learn More about AWS for Business

So, how do define a strategy to achieve this at your enterprise? Learn how AWS can benefit your business and how a managed services provider can help

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