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Steen Schledermann | April 8, 2022

SecurityBridge: Holistic Cybersecurity for SAP

Complying with the GDPR is immensely important for your business.

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In our opinion, four words summarize cybersecurity in 2021: COVID-19, ransomware, GDPR and SolarWinds. Cybercrime has reached a level where the big news publishers (such as Reuters and Bloomberg) find something substantial to publish almost every day. So let’s talk about security in companies.

The most dangerous cybersecurity threats are the ones that you don‘t see coming, the ones that no matter how well prepared you are, you couldn’t possibly have anticipated. In 2020, many companies were under constant attack, and ironically the CISO of one of our customers stated: “A day without being attacked, would mean an anomaly to us “. During recent years, cybersecurity teams have built an onion-like, multi-layered cyber defense architecture to protect their organizations. However, many enterprises still miss out on one essential, and arguably most important component – cybersecurity for SAP systems. That and a solution for this matter is what we want to address in this blog post.

Data-Driven Strategies

Regulations such as the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have caused C-Suite security and compliance officers to rethink their security strategies. Nowadays, the focus is very much placed on the critical data: customer master data, intellectual property, customer credit card information and employee’s private data, commercial information – in essence, the core data needed to run a company.




Leakage might reveal data to competitors or the public and endangers a company’s reputation and poses risks of very steep fines. This makes it obvious why in-house SAP systems should be at the forefront of security considerations.

How to Protect a Complex SAP Landscape?

The SAP system is a company’s heart and it’s very evident that SAP systems can‘t be protected from cyberattacks by authorization concepts alone. SAP systems are often very complex as they are customizable and individually tailored to specific business requirements. This hampers the creation of a proper seal against cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, often there are no in-house resources skilled for comprehensive cybersecurity and external resources are simply too expensive.
To get even more insights, we have talked to many of our customers to learn about their need to have:

  • transparent monitoring of security-critical actions conducted in SAP,
  • control of the SAP interface data traffic,
  • ability to identify security flaws within customer code,
  • ability to detect configuration vulnerabilities,
  • information on available patches for vulnerabilities within the SAP standard products.

One-Security Solution: SecurityBridge

Understanding our client’s requirements, has led NTT DATA Business Solutions to validate solutions available on the market. Looking for a trustful partner, we found SecurityBridge as a holistic security platform provider for SAP-based enterprise applications and custom code.
Our partner SecurityBridge offers its platform as a one-license-one-platform approach to tackle all relevant aspects of securing SAP systems. We have chosen SecurityBridge over other solution providers because of their radically different approach. The fundamental differences in their approach are:

  • SecurityBridge installs within the SAP NetWeaver ABAP system and does not require any additional hardware. This leads to an increase in protection without increasing the attack surface.
  • SecurityBridge provides a 360° insight: Interpretation of benefit of security log data.
  • SecurityBridge provides deep security scanning for customer code vulnerabilities, violations against system hardening standards and real-time threats without the extraction of sensitive data.
  • SecurityBridge enhances the strategic investment in SAP by providing advanced cybersecurity actionable intelligence.
  • SecurityBridge delivers a SIEM integration that filters security-relevant event information from the business transaction logs.

Enhanced Cyber Security For You

With the SecurityBridge platform, NTT DATA Business Solutions offers enhanced functions and applications for continuously monitoring, improving, and maintaining the security posture of the user’s SAP landscape. Security alerts are transmitted in real time, allowing an immediate response. The platform’s automation functions reduce manual effort for the customer’s SAP department and make for a more reliable and accurate output.

Learn more about how to master the complexity of real-time security with the SecurityBridge platform here.



The expansion of our partnership with SecurityBridge is an important step in complementing our portfolio. It will help us strengthen our position in a dynamic market environment and underpin our leading role as SAP Partner.

Nicolaj Vang Jessen, EVP, Global Innovation & IP, Global SAP Alliances & Region NEE, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

SecurityBridge Capabilities at a Glance

The solution is continuously undergoing agile development adding new and enhancing existing features. Have a look at the current set of SecurityBridge capabilities in our fact sheet.

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