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Jan Ammann | November 16, 2020

Experience Management – Empowered by Global Partnership with Qualtrics

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We recently announced a new global Partnership with Qualtrics (SAP company), becoming a global partner to deliver Experience Management by joining the Qualtrics Partner Network.

But what does that mean and why is that an important information for you? Read on, to learn how you and your company will benefit from that partnership and why delivering experiences is vital for your future success.


Why You Should Care about Experiences

You need to manage the experience you deliver your customers. Experience management empowerd by Qualtrics + NTT DATA Business Solutions.

As the importance of digital transformation becomes a priority for companies, especially for CEOs, one key driver for growth is and will be the experience you deliver your customers and employees. Why? Due to ongoing digitalization, you are facing more and more competitors in the market, delivering similar products or services. In this competitive environment, your customers make choices every day and every hour: they compare their opportunities and make decisions in a few minutes or even seconds.

To make them choose you, you need to attract their attention and keep it. This convincing process depends no longer only on product features and your references – nowadays, it depends also on the experience you deliver your customers.


Manager your employee's experience with Qualtrics + NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Same is true for your employees: You’ll need to find the right talents that fit your business and in order to have them stay with you, you need to provide comfortable and enjoyable experiences, so they feel safe, motivated, committed and engaged.

Change your perspective and think of your company as a manufacturer of experiences for every human being you stay in contact with.


How to Manage Experiences with Qualtrics

In the last 30 years, we’ve developed various solutions for specific industry needs. Now, we integrate Qualtrics’s digital experience solutions into our industry and product packages and thereby enable your company to analyze experience data collectively and generate competitive advantages through the category of experience management. We are creating three delivery centers of excellence around the globe to deliver experience management (XM)  solution from Qualtrics to our customers.


How You’ll Benefit from Our Partnership with Qualtrics

Norbert Rotter, our CEO says: “We have taken the conscious decision to engage in our partnership with Qualtrics at this highest level from the start so that we will shortly be in a position to offer our customers the entire SAP portfolio, including Qualtrics’ experience management solutions, from a single source. We are thus realizing a visible strategic advantage for our customers, with an unbeatable combination of speed and solid quality.”

NTT DATA Business Solutions partners with Qualtrics to provide memorable experience management.With becoming a part of the Qualtrics Partner Network, we are reaffirming our position as a leading SAP partner in one of SAP’s most important strategic future scenarios. To kick things of, our initial go-to-market engagement will focus on Germany, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Thailand, the USA and the Philippines as well as Malaysia and Australia. With this partnership, we continue to realize our strategic aim to expand successfully into experience management.

To the same end, we had already acquired a majority stake in Sybit GmbH in Germany in 2018 and in Weaveability Ltd. in the UK in 2019. Both companies are well known in the SAP environment for their outstanding consulting expertise in the area of the customer experience (CX).


How Can I Become a Creator and Manager of Experiences?

Constantly measuring, evaluating and increasing the experience both customers and employees are having with your company is completely independent from your company’s size – whether you are a small or midsize business or a large enterprise, you’ll need to think of your experience management – especially in times like these, when face to face conversations become scarce and remote work and relations become normal.

Experience management is no creative idea, it’s focusing on immediate added value and ROI. Provide memorable experience, convince customers and employees and become an experience manager – let’s have a conversation on how to make that happen or learn more about creating and managing experiences.


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